Cisc-103: Web Applications using Computer Science


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  • Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman: Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML 1st Edition

  • A jump/flash memory drive. You must have the memory drive for the first lab. The flash memory drive is for you to save your lab work, should you not be able to complete it during the scheduled lab time.


  1. Failing all three exams is automatic failure in this course, regardless of lab scores

  2. If you don’t attend class, don’t expect to pass this course

  3. All labs must be removed from University computers when you leave lab or you will lose 25% off your lab.

  4. All labs and projects must be submitted via Sakai.


  • Lab attendance is MANDATORY See Lab section for details.

  • Attendance in lecture, though not taken, is expected. You are responsible for anything taught or announced in lecture. If you choose not to come, it is your job to find out what is going on without extra help from me. This includes class notes!


Email is the only consistent method of communication I have with the entire class. It is imperative that you know that you are receiving mail from the class list. Anything mailed at least 24 hours prior is considered your responsibility to know. It may be very helpful to check email before, during or after any unusual event (i.e. power outages, snow, tests, holidays) Check the UD Homepage for any University wide cancellations.


Learn your Section number and the name and email address of your TA!

Labs meet at the scheduled days/times and locations. In most cases, you will need to complete the lab assignments outside of class time; you may either come in and use a free machine in your lab or use another PC lab on campus that has compatible software. Most of the computer labs allow you to call in by phone and reserve a PC for a 2-hour period, but check ahead of time to be sure they have the proper software installed.

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