Cisc-103: Web Applications using Computer Science

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CISC-103: Web Applications using Computer Science

Instructor: Debra Yarrington

Web Site:

Office: 411 Smith Hall

Class: 209 Ewing Hall

Class Time: MWF 3:35 – 4:25

Prerequisites: None


This course teaches basic Web Applications using computer science. In this course you will learn basic computer science principles through the use of XHTML and CSS and by programming in scripting languages (e.g., JavaScript).


By the end of course, you should be able to do all of the following.

  • Create simple web pages by hand editing XHTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

  • Identify the syntax and semantics of the most important XHTML elements.

  • Explain the difference between HTML and XHTML.

  • Explain various aspects of validation of web documents, including:

    • the purpose of a DOCTYPE declaration is at the beginning of an HTML/XHTML file

    • the benefits of writing "valid" HTML/XHTML

    • identifying and avoiding those common validation errors in sample HTML/XHTML code

  • Use various syntax features of the CSS language.

  • Explain the difference between static and dynamic web pages.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic programming skills in JavaScript, including:

    • writing functions

    • using variables

    • using control structures including if/else, while loops, and for loops.

  • Distinguish between scalar and array values, and between array values and array indices.

  • Distinguish between a web client and a web server

  • Demonstrate why and how to include comments in XHTML,CSS and JavaScript code.

  • Explain what the Document Object Model is in JavaScript, and demonstrate a basic understanding of DOM relationships such as parent and child elements through JavaScript code.

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