Chw 3m middle Ages Websites (December, 2009)

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CHW 3M Middle Ages Websites (December, 2009)

  • PBS: Warrior Challenge – Knights

20th Century people learn how knights jousted

  • Annenberg/CPB - Middle Ages: What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages?

Feudal life, religion, homes, clothing, health, arts and entertainment, town life – excellent links

  • Paul Halsall, Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Links to primary sources on the Middle Ages (film and literature sections)

Ibis Communications. Invasion of England, Murder of Thomas Beckett, Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, Richard the Lionheart, Kublai Khan, Black Death,

  • The Cloisters: Works of Art

Metropolitan Museum: art and architecture of Medieval Europe

  • European Art in the Middle Ages: Special Topics

Metropolitan Museum: list of special topics with links to timeline and works of art (including books, crusades, death, feudalism, monasticism, Vikings)

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