Chronology of Native American Land and Conflict Background

: Last great herd of buffalo exterminated. 1887

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1885: Last great herd of buffalo exterminated.

1887: Congress passes the General Allotment Act (the Dawes Act) in which reservation lands are given to individual Indians in parcels. Indians lose millions of acres of land.

1889: Two million acres of Indian Territory are bought and given to white settlers for the Land Run.

1890: Ghost Dance Movement led by the Paiute prophet Wovoka gains influence among western Indians. At Wounded Knee, US troops massacre 350 Sioux Indians en route to a Ghost Dance celebration.

List 3 strategies or policies the United States used towards Native Americans during the 1800’s. Give examples of each of these policies from the timeline.

List at least 3 examples of Native American resistance to the United States from the timeline.

Give 2 examples of treaties between Native American tribes and the United States. Briefly explain the terms of the treaties and how long they lasted.

List and explain 2 specific events/reasons that caused white Americans to ignore Native American treaties or land rights.

List 3 examples from the timeline of non-military causes of the decline in the Native American population.

Sketch to Stretch
Now, Sketch to Stretch – draw a picture(s) showing the main causes of the decline of Native American tribes throughout the United States during this period that you learned from the Timeline, our Mock Trial, and previous knowledge.

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