Chronological documentation for 1848 Copyright Bruce Seymour Bibliothèques Municipales de Besançon, Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation ms 1794, f. 287 & 288 Note from Ludwig to Lola

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Bibliothèques Municipales de Besançon, Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation

MS 1794, f. 287 & 288

Note from Ludwig to Lola

[Notepaper] Munic el 1 Enero 1848

Mia muy querida Lolitta, I want you to hear it from me and not from another so I am informing you that today Berks with receive the knight’s cross of the Order of Merit of the Crown of Bavaria, together with personal ennoblement. Mussinan will receive from me the knight’s cross of the Order of St. Michael together with an order of merit. What you did a year ago today is imprinted in my heart, in the heart you have conquered. If you can’t come before the meal, come afterwards, in any case. Have love for me, and if you feel it, express it.

In 1846 and 1847 I was and will be in 1848 and always tu fiel Luis

(See photocopy of this document at Tab C herein)

[Except for the single letter of the king’s in the Munich Stadtbibliothek, this is his only other letter to LM that is not in his archives in the BSB.]

Mon.Diary, page 14

1 January: The Queen did not appear in the Thronehall, but so that the ladies had to come, Princess Luitpold stood next to the king, but so the king would no kiss their hands, each lady removed her right glove.

BSB LA 39 Freiherr von Jeetze to Ludwig

1 Jan: Albert Freiherr von Witzleben is under investigation for dueling with Karawowsky; he was under house arrest from Nov 7 to Dec 6

SIGNAT: Is thing ever going to end? Is Freiherr von Witzleben under arrest? Answer today

REPLY: The matter will conclude when it is presented before the court. Witzleben has not been under arrest since Dec. 6.

BSB LA 39 Berks and Wallerstein jointly to Ludwig

2 Jan - advice on how to invite Hohenshausen to LM's

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

no date???? I met with Graf Durckheim and he visits the Gräfin Deroy tomorrow

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

3 Jan - Don't invite Hohenhausen to the Countess’s house yet

BSB LA 38 Handbillet of Ludwig to Berks

3 Jan - [Hard to decipher]Eben die Gräfin Landsfeld kommend begegnet mit diesem Student Peißner. Freundlich fragte ich ihnen wohin er efrein????: Zur gnadigen Haufenwedals???? es mir mich ehrenbretiger Verbeugung. Begebe sich sie um sich nach ihren Befinden zu erkundigen als ist's sein gewohliche Zeit? Er ist die in welche sie wünche daß ich gehe Toilette zu machen und dann armchrugen????? Wenn einem????? liebt ist "man leichtfurnsuchtig."????? Auskunft wünsch ich zu haben. Dieser Blättchen wünsche zurück zu schicken.

BSB LA 33 L to LM: Letter 42

(notepaper) Munich 3 Jan 48

I couldn't go to bed withou saying how I regret that I was angry and to ask your pardon for all I did to you. For the faults he has, he doesn't love you less, you ever faithful Luis
BSB LA 34 LM to L: Letter 50

(München 3 Jan 48)

Mi siempre querido Louis

De mi cama jo te repuesta a tu muy amabile carte para decir ti que jo ti amas cada dia di mas, y como tu mi pardons quando soy injusto a tu, jo ti pardon di mismo y ti mando muchos besos antes di dormir Tu muy fiel Lolitta


4 January: The king was very upset at the New Year's reception. A chandelier arm fell on LM on New Year's eve and knocked her out. On December 29 Ludwig told Poißl and Hunolstein to go with him to LM's. Poißl went; Hunoltstein said he was there only on service. Hunoltstein wanted a transfer the next day. The king told him he would be a flugeladjutant or leave the service. Berks is shunned more and more. He didn't dare show up at the New Year's reception. LM comes to Berks office with a servant carrying a big portfolio; it's driving him crazy.

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

no date? - The affidavit of Dr. Schlagenweit proves that on New Year's eve the student's at LM's house did not remove their pants; Dr. Martin was also there; these are rumors spread by High Circles

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

6 Jan: ref. an anonymous letter LM has received which says that her greatest enenmies are the Leutenbergs, and Ludwig is said to be considering banning them from Munich; Wallerstein advises savoir faire, slow but sure, nothing rash; getting rid of the Allemanen will be a great step [from the context it appears that Wallerstein may be advising LM privately]; the energy is in the tactics; we must change the persecution of LM to anything conceivable; it's a giant task but not impossible

BSB LA 34 LM to L: Letter 51

[München 6 Jan 48]

Si tu es di buen humor, jo ti priego de eschuchar de buen Boldmanno? que es el apportar di esto, elle dever hablar a ti del pobre H Adam que es en un grand miseria. Jo conocen tu noble corazon. Tu muy fiel Lolitta
BSB LA 39 Hohenhausen to Ludwig

7 Jan: nearly illegible; you invited me at noon today

Mon.Diary, page 15

A few nights ago Adjutant Hunolstein supposedly appeared at LM's in civil garb with the king; he resigned, but he still had to go to LM's anyway

BSB LA 39 Mussinan to Ludwig

7 Jan: Everything was great at the soiree. Metzger, Leeb, and Seefried were there. The students did not act up on New Year's eve. [Mussinan peppers Ludwig with unsolicited advice on Jan 25, 27, 29, Feb 3, 4, 5]

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

8 Jan: Problems with Hohenhausen; use savoir faire; Hohenhausen went to LM's but supposedly later said he felt it was an order; the king is upset but Wallerstein advises him to get a written clarification from Hohenhausen

Mon.Diary, page 15

Hohenhausen was invited to dine at the court and ordered to come to LM's in the afternoon for tea. He goes unwilling and the next day tried to resign, according to some sources.


8 January: Hohenhausen, who is ambitious and in debt, went to LM's house on the 5th, resigned the next day. Colonel Veri made his weekly garrison report to Ludwig, who told him the soldiers who failed to salute LM should be cashiered. Veri asked for a written order to that effect. The officers are furious and fear the king will give the order.

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

9 Jan: Hohenhausen's clarification; tomorrow at 630 pm; does he want to resign? this shows it was all a tempest in a teapot

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

no date... [hard to understand] something about the Gräfin Deroy; already three visits, two to come on Friday; positive news; a letter writing campaign or what?

Mon.Diary, page 15

10 January: The newspapers are beginning to discuss domestic affairs in an indecent manner, but Lola isn't mentioned. Oberlt. Burkhardt was bawled out by the king on the street because he was supposed to have griped about LM, which the king forbid.

Mon.Diary, page 15

Dr.Schlagenweit was called to the police on the 10th or 11th for an investigation into the New Year's Eve incident, and told them that everything was in order on that evening!


11 January: Gmeiner, Flugeladjutant, had to go to LM's; Ludwig chewed out Col. Burkhardt on the street for the lack of respect for LM; this is having a terrible effect on morale. There is a story circulating since December that Ludwig tried to get the crown prince to sign a guaranty of 50000 florins for life to LM in return for Ludwig paying Max's million florin debt to the Electress.

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

12 Jan: ref the plan to get the students out of LM's house; Berks and I were going over all the scholarship grants when something happened to make us think LM is not serious about it all: we're supposed to be finding some way to get rid of the students in an honorable fashion, and what does she do? She gives one of them a very substantial sum of money for a secret commers at the Bayerischer Hof. They rented the big hall with 60 or 70 places, and in spite of all her promises, the Gräfin of Landsfeld ???? All of this happened with no notice to me! Today at 1:45 pm some Allemanen showed up to invite me to come to it. I told them that ministers should not, constitutionally, have relations with the student societies, which seemed to satisfy them, but the Countess flew into a rage when they gave her my reply; she came to the Ministry herself, with Mussinan, and announced to me that it was a hostile reply, that it was now a battle of life and death, and she would have the king behind her. What she had decided was going to happen, would happen, she said, even if it came to a revolution, even if it meant that the king and she would go down with it. She said I would see what a spirited woman could accomplish when she set all the levers of intrigue in motion. The commers is a stupid idea; it will only cause greater problems and stir up 1400 students. LM lacks knowledge of this country. We're playing on a field that is undermined. Savoir faire is going to turn out to be useless. I think this has taken us back a few steps.

Mon.Diary, page 15

12 January: Flugeladjutant Graf Rechberg was ordered to appear at LM's; he reported himself sick on the next day and asked to be transferred to the line.


13 January: It is said that Flugeladjutant Rechberg went to LM's and that Hunoltstein was there too. The queen snubbed Hunoltstein, which led to a violent scene with Ludwig.

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

no date???? Rechberg resigns as Flugeladjutant because he has promised his sick mother and his old grandfather not to go to LM's house. LM is acting like a fool with her students and giving her enemies ammunition.

Mon.Diary, page 16

15 January: Allemanen hold their commers in the Bayerischen Hof. Zwehl, Thiersch, and the professors were invited. Only Berks, Mark, and Steiger appeared. Lola supposedly showed herself on the balcony. Mostly beer drinking until 4 am. About 100 people there. Berks spoke, calling the Allemanen to be moral. The senior replied. On the 20th the Landboten carried an article praising the commers.

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

17 Jan - I saw Mussinan at the Allemanen comer; he asked if I would be at the "business"; I haven't yet been able to see LM to tell her about Wallerstein; Denker is having an affair tonight at 7 and LM will be there with Plötz, Rugendas, Murray (the Englishman), and the Gunthers. Mussinan is invited but won't be coming.

Second note of same date: I just heard LM wants Denker to invite all the Allemanen.

17 January: The Allemanen held their Commers last Saturday.

Mon.Diary, page 16

17 January: The king and Adalbert were at the academy at the Odeon, but otherwise it was empty, not even Lola.

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

18 Jan - I thought over what you just told me about events at the Gunther's; on reflection, I think it's best to leave her along with her thoughts today and not to excite her


18 January: LM and Murray are both saying that she will go to Italy in early February.

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

no date (item 17): something secret going on with Holnstein; sorry he's been ill; will report orally Wednesday on the good results

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

no date (item 18): something secret going on with Gräfin Deroy

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

no date: includes a list of all noble families which hold evening parties; perhaps we should invite Poißl

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

19 Jan: Hohenhausen is upset because his letter clarifying what he said about going to LM's has become public. Tell him that there was no promise made to keep it secret.


19 January: Dr Martin is a new professor.

Mon.Diary, page 16

Someone supposedly wrote on Hohenhausen's carriage: "Retour nach Ansbach"

Mon.Diary, page 14

Poißl visits LM; Oberst Verri was asked by the king why no officers greet LM, and the reply was that this could be effected only by a direct order from the king

Mon.Diary, page 16

20 January: Article in the Gazette des Tribunaux about a debt trial against LM for 200 francs. When LM comes home from the theater, a mounted gendarme follows. Sigl is supposed to have sung a serenade to LM.

HSA Kreigsarchiv 80668

21 Jan Nußbammer allowed to move to Nürnberg

Mon.Diary, page 17

LM picked out a pretty sleigh and horse gear and goes out daily.

BSB LA 38 Ludwig to Heinrich von der Tann

21 Jan 48 Ihr Sohn Rudolf konnte Ihnen nur versprechen nicht für sich selbst als Besucher zu Gräfin Landsfeld sich zu begeben, wehen ich nichts gehaltet, nicht aber als diensthabene Adjutants seiner König nicht zu begleiten. Verweigert ein Adjutant seine König zu begleiten so ist dieser Auffragen??? der Hochensen??? dnnoch eine Erblamung??? daß es auch für Offizier zu sein. Das er heuete Abend mich zu beglieten zu mir komme, sagte ich ihm ohne zu sagen wohin, er machte Einwendungen, wie aber so sprach ich mich gegen ihn aus; ich hoffe er fullt seiner Pflicht. Es is Zeit sehr Zeit daß ich Ernst genommen würde???? Dieser Ihnen zu schreiben ist leid.

BSB LA 39 Wallerstein to Ludwig

21 Jan: I found Rudolf von der Tann really sick in bed with a fever. He was upset at your anger but relieved by the transfer to Würzburg.Later note of same date: My predictions about Gräfin Elz and Gräfin von Gravenreith were fulfilled. All is status quo reference Frein Sophie von Wembold.

Illustrated London News, 22 January 48, page 42.3

Report from the civil tribunal in Paris of an affirmation of the order of the civil tribunal on 22 July 47 that LM was to pay F2547 60c to the creditors of the bankrupt Marie Donel for cloaks, etc. LM had appealed that the sum was excessive, but when the appeal was called yesterday, no one appeared for her.

Mon.Diary, page 16

Von der Tann says he promised not to visit LM's house, asks for a transfer, gets one to Würzburg a few days later. Page 17: A few days later Gmeiner, who's already been to LM's often, wanted a transfer.

BSB LA 41 Berks to LM

23 Jan: something about available positions in the provinces

BSB LA 33 L to LM: Letter 44

(notepaper) 23 Jan 48

I talked today with Berks about it - He wrote the reply to you and I'm sending you the original, I don't have time to translate it. Since the harness with rosettes for the sleigh horses was sent to you, I'd like you return the one with the man on the arms that you wanted to see to look for them???
Mon.Diary, page 17

24 January: Rechberg is transfered to Landshut


25 January: The king has only one Flugeladjutant left, Gmeiner.

Mon.Diary, page 17

25 January: Because Mayrhofer is such a creature of LM, hardly anyone went to his shop at Christmas, so as compensation he's been given the court contracts for chocolate, wax, oil, and doubtless also coffee and sugar. Together with some Allemanen he is supposed to have been given a hard time by the owner and the guests in the Speß'schen Coffeehouse.

BSB LA 42 Report of Bauer Breitenfeld

25 Jan: the meeting of the nobility at rotating places: Sunday by Pappenheim, Thursday at the Sardinian Ambassador's, etc.

BSB LA 39 Berks to Ludwig

26 Jan: About the queen's attitude; Wallerstein memo quotes his "Memoire:" If you want to be a countess and the friend of a ruler by the grace of God, then you've got to adhere to convention and to avoid compromising situations

BSB LA 34 LM to L: Letter 52

(München 27 Jan 48)

Mi muy siempre querido Louis

Aqui es el petition de la muy infeliz Allemania que jo mismo ti mandan, espero que muy querido Louis no le olvidaren. Creo que tu Lolitta te aman siempre con amor que tu person es el mas querido en el mondo por mi - y que serian de esto por todo mi vida - pero alguno vezes es mi Louis mismo que no tengo el mejor humor en el mundo que es mucho a excusar - Con millos besos muy affencidos? Tu fiel Lolitta

PRO FO 149/38 Bavarian Corres.

30 Jan 48 No 6 (Minister of War summarily dismissed; change of ministry likely. Prince W's position almost untenable. If he resigns, all but the Interior minister will resign. The instability must embarass the king

Mon.Diary, page 17

30 January, Hohenhausen is now the Stadtcommandant of Nurnberg, a salary drop from 12000 fl to 3000 fl

GHA ARO 35 I Berks to Ludwig

31 Jan Letter criticizing Waldkirsch and wife

BSB LA 39 Corporal Georg Hofbauer to Ludwig

10 Feb 48: On Jan 31 LM was in the Ludwigstraße as Görres body went by; the crowd was whistling at her; I followed her because she had sent away her man servant; she told me to get a policeman; the whistling stopped because the people thought I was a plainsclothesman. I told a brigadier, who got a policeman to accompany LM.....[in letter of 16 Feb encloses a zeugnis and requests a position!!]

BSB LA 36 Memorandum by King Ludwig

Document all in Ludwig's handwriting, in Spanish, saying "Begun in the month of January and completed in February 1848)I must yield to every person, in every case. If there is no one else to talk with or do anything else, then I may remain, otherwise I'm driven out. Everyone has more influence than I; if the dog Turc could talk, he would be heard with greater attention. I'm useful for paying and obeying, for executing wishes. If I don't do everything I'm told, I've done nothing. When I fulfill wishes I hardly ever hear thanks, much less an expression of contentment, it's simply as if I've simply done my duty. Conversation consists of listening to jokes??? and requests, requests not pronounced with sweetness but in an imperative manner; the mistress of the house orders about her servant. Never has a querida had more independence and never has a querido fewer rights. She likes to live in her style, with students and without the least regard for my heart and my reputation, humiliating me in the opinion of the public. She doesn't want to live as a querida but she wants the power of a querida. This is my situation in regard to her.


1 February: LM wants Luitpold and Edward, the queen's brother, out of town, so Ludwig is going to pension off some old generals to open up positions out of town. LM is "prime minister." Wallerstein is convinced his days are numbered. All the ministers are fighting, plotting. Things are terrible and getting worse. Seefried, the new Flugeladjutant, is a retired lieutenant and theater operater from Nurnberg.

Mon.Diary, page 17

1 February: Von der Mark is made acting war minister. Poißl is definitively intendant and his wife is visiting LM too.

Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung: 26 Juli 1919 Page 2.1-3

Letter from Amalia Thiersch to her sister in Weimar

Probably from about 1 Feb

Die Spanierin erfolgt ihre ehrgeizen, oder vielmehr herrsüchtigen Pläne mit eben soviel Beharrlichkeit, als das Publicum anwendet, ihr Schwierigkeiten zu bereiten, und man muß nur sich freuen, soviel Ehrenhaftigkeit der Gesinnung zu finden, wenn sich auch eine Menge schlechten Gesindels den Augenblick zu nutzen macht um Stellen, Unterstutzungen, Einfluß, Genuß zu verlangen. - Der Minister Wallerstein (der ihre Erwartungen nicht erfüllt hat) droht sie wieder den Untergang. "Lui ou moi" soll sie gesagt haben. - Nie is soll viel List mit so viel Zorn vorgekommen. Noch vorgestern hörte man sie auf der Straße jagen, als zwei Studenten ihr nicht die gehörigen Beachtung widmeten: "Ich werde noch die ganze Uni von hier wegbringen." Die vier Flugeladjutanten, denen der König zumutete, ihn zu Gräfin von Landsfeld zu begleiten, haben ihren Abschied begeht und erhalten, ebenso der Kriegsminister. Bei der Schwäche, die der König ihre Heftigkeit entgegensetzte, treibt ihn auch die Ansicht daß jeder, der seiner Geliebte die Achtung verweigert, seine personliches Feind sei. Alle Glieder seiner Familie die es wagen, Widerspruch zu leisten, läßt er seinen Unwillen fühlen; und so soll er sogar die Princessin Luipold gejagt haben als sie drohte nach Florenz zurückzugehen: "Gut, du kannst fortgehen." Die Frage, wie der König Ludwig die Heirat der Lola aufgenommen habe, hat uns sehr geleichtert. Er liebte und liebt in ihr bloß das allgemeine Liebenswürdige und Geliebte, und ist so weit entfert davon, sie andern zu misgönnen, daß er die Allemanen wie seine Freunde betrachtet und nun nichts weiter davon erzählen hören wollte. Er warnte bisweilen Männer vor ihr.....

Mon.Diary, page 17

2 February: The retired Oberlt. Baron Seefried is Rittmeister and Flugeladjutant.

HSA Kriegsarchiv 80668

3 Feb Nußbammer told he must stay at Bamberg

Mon.Diary, page 17-18

3 February: The Uni students wanted a torchlight procession to Görres' grave, but the police forbid it because it wasn't usual and the torches might damage the cemetery. The Allemanen are whistled out in the lecture halls and left there alone. There have been investigations but without result. The queen got an anonymous warning against Mayrhofer's chocolate. Wallerstein had an audience with the king and stayed to dine. LM told Wallerstein that he will call on her or she will do everything to get him out. She gave him until March to think about it. A few days ago the queen refused to come to dinner because Berks was there. The King had to take him aside and tell him to leave, and because his carriage had already left, he had to walk home. There are mounted patrols in the streets.

BSB LA 39 Bauer-Breitenfeld to Ludwig

4 Feb: Lt. Parseval reportedly said the canaille should cut LM to pieces

Mon.Diary, page 18

4 February: There was so much whistling at the Uni, Thiersch had to hold a calming speech. In the evening, von der Mark and the king were at LM's. Von der Mark refused to sign Seefried's promotion to Rittmeister because he was only an oberlt. a la suite, and it was withdrawn.

Mon.Diary, page 18

6 February: LM appeared at the Theater with brilliant jewelry: diadem, necklace, bracelet of incredible size and beauty; here and there you could hear a light "Ah!" of wonder in the crowd.7 February: More whistling in the Uni. Wallerstein speaks for peace. Two Allemanen attempted to leave before he was finished, but were pursued by a whistling, screaming mob of student to the bazar. Page 19: A few days ago Lola was out walking with a little girl of Dr. Gunther and she met Frau Oetting and Frau Klenze; the child ran to these women, but Lola forbid it, crying "Ne touchez pas cette canaille."

GHA NL 49/3/40 Verschiedene Gutakten

Draft for decree closing the university in Berks handwriting. In the margin in Ludwig's hand "bis Wintersemester 48/49" and signed at bottom "München 8 Feb 48 Ludwig": Berks notes that the unrest has been going on 10-12 days now and that yesterday there was a major incident; at the next incident, we'll close the Uni; has measures for the Uni police to take, etc. This was intended to be posted before the troubles of Feb. 8, but events overtook them.


8 February: Von der Mark, the new war minister, went to LM's on the 3rd. He is said to be incompetant. There are disturbances at the Uni. There have been warnings and investigations of the causes and instigators. When LM is on the sidewalk in a crowd, she cries, "Platz!" The students mock her and she just tells her gendarme to arrest them (which never happens). She called the cream of the nobility "canaille" in the street for no reason, and she showed up in the theater in the evening wearing a 60000 fl diadem. A while ago she said in her salon that there are only two eyes between her and the throne. The queen received an anonymous letter telling her not to eat Mayerhofer's chocolate! There are rumors Ludwig may try to take Adalbert to LM's salon.

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