Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous explorers that has ever existed. He was an Italian explorer that made four trips to find a new route to the Indies. He used 3 boats La Pinta, La Niña and La Santamaría

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Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous explorers that has ever existed. He was an Italian explorer that made four trips to find a new route to the Indies. He used 3 boats

La Pinta, La Niña and La Santamaría. In his first trip instead of finding the Indies, he found an island that was called Guanahani in that time. Columbus changed its name to San Salvador. Now that he thought he had reached the Indies, Columbus named the people living in the island Indians. In the second trip Columbus set a larger expedition, this time with 17 ships. His goals were to search for gold and capture Indians for them to be their slaves. Cristopher set a base in Hispaniola, when he sailed around it he found the island of dominica. In the third expedition Columbus went farther south and found Trinidad and Venezuela. In his last and most successful

expedition Christopher Columbus found Mexico, Honduras, Panama and Santiago. Christopher Columbus arrived to Trujillo’s (Honduras) shores.The first Roman Catholic mass was held at Trujillo here in Honduras.

Many people think that it was a great discovery. They think that if Columbus would have not discovered America because if Christopher Columbus would not have found the Caribbean Islands and Central America, then we would have been in power of other countries. Perhaps France or maybe England. We would have been discovered much more later than when we were discovered in the 1400’s-1500’s. Perhaps that country would have just looked if the land was in good conditions to stay. Maybe that country would not have stolen our gold and we would be richer, and not be so poor. They would just come here to settle.
Others think that it was a horrible discovery because now that he found it, the Spanish came to America made a massacre in the colonization. They say he’s a villain because he was the person who said that they would be easy to trick and they would steal everything from them. They could even use the indians as slaves.

I think Christopher columbus was a villain here are some words he wrote in his diary just as he got to America. It says: “They are the best people of the world and mainly most amiable, they do not know the evil - they never kill neither rob… they love its neighbors as to they themselves and have the sweet way the more to always speak of the world…always laughing”. And “They are very simple and honest, and extremely liberal with its possessions.” I think those words would be from a good or bad person now that he is only describing them. But then their interests were not full of the benevolence that showed the hosts, okay says of them that “they would be good crew members… With fifty men we could subjugate them and they’ll make what that we want”. That one was the way of which it saw the taínos: like members of equipment.

I think he’s a villain because it came to deceive our natives. Isn't change gold by mirrors, that considered like ripp off ? Then the fault was also ours by ignorance perhaps but as a result of that we were enslaved of Spain, we would have taken more time in developing us as countries but we would have obtained something different. Perhaps, as well as other cultures, our own written language and those things, in addition the wealth in resources would have remained here. When Christopher Columbus disembarked in the New World, his crew and himself were the ones who spreaded the smallpox between the natives. This disease caused to million native Americans to die, since they did not have immunity against. The discovery of Columbus of the New World allowed the conquerors to come and to kill to the Aztecs, Mayas and the Incas. Nevertheless, this also would have happened if somebody were shortage the New World. Columbus did not have any problem in taking slaves and becoming a retailer of slaves.
In his first trip in 1492, he promised to his crew he was going to award the person who saw the Earth in the first place. Nevertheless, when a sailor called Rodrigo Triana saw land Columbus, refused to pay to him alleging that he had seen it at night previous dawn. Therefore, it remained with the prize for itself. The conquer as it were understood in century XVI, was so beneficial for Europe as cruel, destructive and devastating for the indigenous world. Their institutions were subjugated, their cultures and their languages annihilated and to that political and cultural diversity put a name to him: that is to say, Indian. In conclusion I think that Columbus’ discovery was really bad for all of Central America, Mexico and Carribean islands. He was really cruel to the indians and he only came here to find gold after he realized it was not the indies. The discovery only benefitted Europe and himself.





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