Christof: We've become bored with watching actors give us phony emotions. We're tired of pyrotechnics and special effects. While the world he inhabits is in some respects counterfeit, there's nothing fake about Truman himself

MARLON: No sign of him. SIMEON

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MARLON: No sign of him.

SIMEON: Okay, Marlon, why don't you head back to town and join the others. Everyone else is at first positions, okay? Thank you.

SIMEON: Everyone’s at first positions, right?

Control Room

SIMEON: He's gotta' be there somewhere, right?

CHRISTOF: We’re not watching the sea.

SIMEON: Why would we watch the sea?

CHRISTOF: Sweep the harbor. Bring up the harbor cameras.

TECH: Okay, shift all harbor cameras to the computer, please.

SIMEON: Some of those are out, aren’t they?

TECH: Ya, we have four of them down but we have the lighthouse camera is up.

TECH: All Buoy Cams, please.

MOSES: What's happening?


TECH: Long lens, short base.

MOSES: Why are we looking at the water?

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