Christof: We've become bored with watching actors give us phony emotions. We're tired of pyrotechnics and special effects. While the world he inhabits is in some respects counterfeit, there's nothing fake about Truman himself

CHRISTOF: What happened down there? SIMEON

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CHRISTOF: What happened down there?

SIMEON: He was just tidying up his garbage. I was gunna call you, but half way through he gave up and he fell asleep.

CHRISTOF: I want to check on the set ups for the insurance--

SIMEON: Insurance convention tomorrow. Yeah.

SIMEON: There you go.

CHRISTOF: Isolate the audio. Give me a close-up on his torso.

SIMEON: He's still breathing.

CHRISTOF: Where’s Chloe, call him.

CHLOE: What do you--

CHRISTOF: Tell him it's a wrong number.

Security Garage

GUARD: What took you so long?

GUARD: Just had to wait for it…they were busy.

GUARD: Here…What's goin' on?

GUARD: Hey, I dunno, they...

Control Room

SIMEON: He came down into the room he did nothing but stand around for awhile.

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