Christ Speaks to Seven Churches in Asia Minor

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Christ Speaks to Seven Churches in Asia Minor
AThe Things Which Are@

Revelation 2-3
Bible Truth Web Site - by Cooper Abrams
Revelation Chapters 2-3 begin the section that deals with situation in the day that John wrote the book. It addresses "the which are" of Revelation 1:19. The seven churches mentioned here are literally seven churches that existed at the time of the writing of the book and were located in Asia. In these two chapters the Lord gives seven messages to the churches. Although these messages were challenges to these specific churches, by application they are directed toward churches throughout history. The strengths that Christ commended are strengths churches should embrace, and their failures should be a strong warning to diligence in faith and practice. As with the Epistles Christ’s message surely given to all churches and was applicable to all the hundreds of churches in Asia. Their dedication to the Lord and also the problems in these churches are common to all churches.
The characteristics of these seven churches appear to be prophetic. An examination of church history shows the distinctiveness of each of these seven church parallels the trends in the churches in the following centuries.
The seven churches and their corresponding ages:1

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