Choose the best possible answer or fill in the blank with the correct answer

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Causes of the Civil War - Part 2

Choose the best possible answer or fill in the blank with the correct answer.

  1. What was the South’s greatest fear when it came to adding new territories to the Union? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Which of the following best describes the Compromise of 1850?

    1. California entered the Union as a free state.

    2. There were people in the South who did not want to add free states

    3. The South agreed to the Fugitive Slave Act, allowing California to enter the Union as a free state.

    4. The North was happy about gaining power in the Senate.

  1. True or False – The Georgia Platform was led by Alexander Stephens and Robert Toombs; they led GA to approve the Fugitive Slave Act and led the South to approve the Compromise of 1850.

  1. Which of the following most accurately describes the Fugitive Slave Act?

    1. It freed all slaves

    2. It allowed slaves to learn to read and write

    3. It allowed Southerners the right to keep slaves on their plantations to help with cotton production

    4. It guaranteed the return of runaway slaves to their owners if they were caught in the North

  1. The Kansas-Nebraska Act nullified

    1. the state of California

    2. the state of Missouri

    3. John Brown and his sons

    4. The Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850

  1. Because of the violence that spread in the Kansas territory, Kansas became known as

    1. Bleeding Kansas c. Bleeding Hearts

    2. Bleeding Slaves d. Bleeding Families

  1. True or False – Popular Sovereignty is the idea that slaves have the right to decide for themselves, whether they should be free or slaves.

  1. _________________________ sued the state of Missouri on the belief that his time in free states made him a free man.

  1. Which of the following people does not belong in the list of candidates for the election of 1860?

    1. Abraham Lincoln c. Alexander Stephens

    2. John Breckinridge d. John Bell

  2. What was the main reason why Lincoln did not put his name on the ballot of any southern states?

    1. Given his stance on slavery, he didn’t believe he could win any Southern states

    2. He hated the South

    3. He was confident he would win every other state not in the South

    4. He forgot to register in those states

  1. The South believed Lincoln wanted to __________ slavery.

  1. Which of the following people or groups of people in Georgia were against secession?

    1. Farmer with large farms c. Alexander Stephens

    2. Robert Toombs d. slave holders

  1. Former Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown, is a person who could best be described as

    1. Governor of Georgia

    2. a Unionist

    3. a Secessionist

    4. a major social stake holder in the institution of slavery

  1. True or False – Alexander Stephens was a Unionist.

  1. After the Civil War and a 5-month prison term, Alexander Stephens was elected to

    1. U.S. House of Representatives

    2. U.S. Senate

    3. Governor of Georgia

    4. All of the above

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