Chinese Culture Day Activity for Students from St Laurence's College

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Chinese Culture Day" Activity for Students from St Laurence's College

The "Chinese Culture Day" activity for students from St Laurence's College in Brisbane, Queensland, a Catholic school for boys, was held on 17 June 2014 at the Tourist Confucius Institute on Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus. The event was part of the St Laurence's College Chinese cultural immersion education program and was planned to enhance understanding of the Chinese culture.

The event consisted of a series of workshops including Chinese paper-cutting, Peking Opera facial mask painting, Chinese Jianzi making, a Chinese tea ceremony and an introduction to Chinese hanfu costumes. Other activities included Jianzi kicking games and a presentation of Certificates of Participation. Videos on related cultural themes were shown, adding extra layers of rich content. The workshops were warmly welcomed by both teachers and students from the school. Students learned to read and write some relevant Chinese characters, and their enthusiasm for learning Chinese was highly evident. The event concluded with ended a fun quiz with prizes, with the questions based on understanding of Chinese paper-cutting, Peking Opera, Chinese tea culture, traditional costumes, Chinese customs and the spelling and recognition of Chinese characters. The high point of the day was reached when the students and teachers competed to be the first to answer the questions. One student, acting on behalf of all the members of St Laurence's College, walked onto the stage and gave his thanks to the Tourism Confucius Institute providing such a good experience. The school teachers also expressed their sincere hope for continuing cooperation with the TCI in conducting Chinese Culture Day activities in order to boost enthusiasm for learning Chinese in their school.

Learning about Chinese paper-cutting with the guidance of a TCI teacher

Appreciating a Chinese tea ceremony

Painting a Peking opera facial mask

Peking opera facial mask show time

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