Childhood obesity The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity in America

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childhood obesity

The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity in America

Lisa Ann Padilla

The University of Texas at El Paso

Author Note

This paper was prepared for RWS 1302/English 1312, taught by Professor Drapes.


In these past few years, government agencies, medical professions, teachers, and parents are disturbed on the flourishing rate of childhood obesity in America. This literature review will examine the causes of this horrendous disease. We will investigate the consequences to the obese child regarding bullying in school or in their communities as well as health consequences. This paper will provide possible treatments and preventions on how we can help to slow down the progression of this relentless epidemic that we are experiencing with our youth today. Childhood Obesity in America is an important research topic because it is essential that we educate the public and let it be known how necessary this disease would be detrimental as a long term status to our children’s health and how important it is to prevent early and unnecessary deaths in the United States from the outcome of this disease. This topic is also important to me because I suffered from childhood obesity which in turn unfortunately became adult morbid obesity.
The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity in America

A review of the Literature

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