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The Chickamauga City School System will provide a comprehensive, high quality education for all students in an engaging, safe and supportive environment.

Staff Meetings:

Title I staff members along with the school improvement team meet throughout the school year to analysis data, identify needs and develop plans for the Title I program. Periodic meetings with school staff and parents take place throughout the school year.

Parent Meetings:

An initial parent meeting is held at the beginning of the school year to inform parents of the school’s Title I targeted assisted program and their right to be involved. The parents receive the school and system parent involvement plans, Targeted Assisted (TA) Plan, parent right to know, highly qualified status, AYP and distinguished school status, comprehensive improvement plan (CLIP) and the parent-school compact. Throughout the school year various educational materials are sent to parents and are available in the parent resource center located next to the assistant principal office. The information includes strategies on how parents can contribute to their child’s progress in school such as improving reading, math, and writing skills, homework, technology, organization, good health, and communication. Throughout the school year parents are provided with information about the school curriculum, the statewide assessments used to measure students’ progress and the proficiency levels expected of the students. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s class and observe classroom activities. A family night takes place in the spring each year. The family night consists of activities that encourage learning and provide strategies for parents to use at home.

Parent Communication:

Chickamauga Elementary School uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely information about the Title I program, academic progress of the students, parent programs, and other school events and activities:

  • Annual Title I Parent Meeting- In August each year Title I parents are invited to a meeting to provide them with Title I information. Parents learn about the Title I program and the parent resource center. Parents are provided with the school and system parent involvement plans, targeted assisted (TA) plan, parent right to know, highly qualified status, AYP and distinguished school status, comprehensive improvement plan (CLIP) and the parent-school compact. The parents have an opportunity to ask questions and/or meet one on one with the Title I teacher.

  • Parent Resource Center- The resource center offers free materials and resources for parents. Computers and internet access are available for parent use. Also, educational information, parenting tips and take home materials are available. Open daily from 8:00-am to 3:30 pm. A parent can schedule an alternative time by calling the Title I teacher.

  • Principal’s Newsletter—sent home approximately six times per year and includes news that concerns the entire school such as clubs, fund raisers, PTO, upcoming events, any other programs or concerns that parents need to know about.

  • System/School Website- parents can access valuable information through the system and school websites.

  • Library website with online catalog.

  • I-Parent- parents have access to the I-Parent internet based program which provides up to date information on a student’s grades, assignments and attendance.

  • Agenda Books—each student in grades K-5 receives an agenda book to help parents know what assignments are due. This provides teachers and parents with a means of daily communication about academic and behavior issues.

  • Very Important Papers (VIP) Packet—each student takes home his/her VIP packet each Monday. It includes information to parents on behavior, academics, announcements, and other school related activities.

  • Teacher Newsletters- weekly and/or monthly newsletters are sent home to parents by teachers to inform parents of events/activities at school and in the classroom, tests, projects and assignments.

  • Progress Reports- are sent home every 4 ½ weeks to keep parents informed on student progress.

  • Title I Testing Letter- a letter is sent home from the Title I teacher prior to the CRCT. The letter provides information to parents on helpful ideas for preparing their child for testing.

  • Principal Testing Letter- a letter from the principal is sent home prior to the CRCT testing in the spring to explain to parents about the test and give them helpful hints for test preparation such as eating a healthy breakfast and getting plenty of sleep.

  • Parent Assessment Results Letter- individual student assessment results, their interpretation, and school performance results are sent home to parents.

  • Kindergarten Materials—all upcoming kindergarten students and their parents are given a summer packet with parent/child activities to work on during the summer to help get ready for school. Each child receives the book Getting Ready for Kindergarten.

  • Annual System-wide and Title I Parent Survey- in the spring each school year the system provides an online system-wide parent survey. The data is collected and submitted to the district and school level administrators. The data is also given to the school improvement team to analyze and update the school improvement plan and to plan for the upcoming school year.

School Programs:

A variety of school programs and events are offered to parents at Chickamauga Elementary School. Parent involvement is a key to maximizing the success of our students. At Chickamauga Elementary School parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education:

  • Open House—a couple of weeks after school begins parents are invited to become familiar with their child’s teacher and see some of the things that they have been working on, so far.

  • Boo-Hoo Breakfast- the PTO sponsors a Boo-Hoo Breakfast on the first morning of school. All Kindergarten parents and parents of new students attend the breakfast & are provided with information on school procedures, activities and opportunities.

  • Parent Assisting Teachers (P.A.T.S.)—a program where parents can volunteer to assist the school and teachers in many areas such as clerical duties, tutorial efforts, locating resources, creating displays, and assisting in special projects.

  • School Council- meetings are held throughout the school year to discuss school programs. Two parents and two business members are on the council and any parent is welcome to come to the meetings. The council discusses school programs and issues and communicates with the parents and community. The council also provides input to the school improvement team on the school improvement plan, school and system parent involvement plans, targeted assisted (TA) plan and the comprehensive improvement plan (CLIP)

  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)- at each monthly PTO meeting a grade level performs for the audience. This encourages more parents to be involved and attend.

  • After School Tutoring—is offered to students throughout the school year. Emphasis is placed on accelerating the learning of students who are not making adequate progress during the regular school day in math, reading, and writing.

  • Kids In Direct Supervision (K.I.D.S.) Program—CES offers an after school and summer daycare program which is supervised by teachers and administrators.

  • Title I Summer School- is offered to students who do not make adequate progress during the school year. Focus is on accelerating their learning in reading, math & writing.

  • Reading Buddies—parent volunteers come in and read to students.

  • Grandparent’s Day—grandparents are invited to come and have breakfast with their grandchildren.

  • Character Education- CES participates in the Chick Fil A Character Ed. Program. Students and parents receive information on a character word of the month and coupons/rewards from Chick Fil A. Each month teachers recognize a student of the month.

  • Renaissance Program- CES incentive program which encourages students to make good grades, have good attendance, good behavior and to read. Every 9 weeks students are recognized and rewarded for these accomplishments

  • Scholastic Book Fair- two times per year the book fair is open to students and parents for one week. During the week the book fair is open in the evening for parents who work during the day. Parents are encouraged to attend the evening book fair with their child/children. Families can participate in a scavenger hunt and receive door prizes.

  • Family Literacy Night- a family night is held for families to participate in activities. Teachers present simple activities and strategies for parents to use at home when working with their children. The entire family participates in small group activities to engage learning.

  • Field Trips—students participate in field trips throughout the year. Parents are always invited to attend.

  • Fun Run/Field Day- parents and students participate in a 1 mile fun run to promote good health. Students participate in class events and activities during the field day.

  • St. Jude Math-a-Thon—parents and students participate together in the Math-a-Thon.

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