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Alice in Wonderland Costume List


Try to Bring from Home

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White tights, black dress shoes

Alice dress

White Rabbit

White long sleeved shirt, white pants, white socks, white shoes

Ears, tail, jacket

Cheshire Cat

Dark pants, dark, shirt, converse sneakers?

Ears, tail, suit jacket

Tweedle Dee/Dum

Matching solid color pants, shirt, shoes, socks—as bright as possible

Hat, and other parts of the costume if possible


Combination of red, black, & white clothing. Preferrably long sleeves, long pants, long skirts, leggings, black/red/white shoes


Queen of Hearts

Black or red dress shoes

Queen of hearts dress


Long sleeved black shirt, long pants/skirt, black socks, black shoes

Aprons, mushroom caps

Mad Hatter

Button down shirt, dress pants, dress shoes

Hat, Suit Jacket

Tea Party

Fancy dresses as long as possible, dress pants, long sleeved button down shirt, tie, dress shoes


Long black pants, black socks, black shoes

shirt with arms


Ballet slippers, ballet flats, nude tights/stockings if possible

Dance costume, flower


Button down shirt, dark dress pants, dress shoes

Cape, Tie


Dress Shoes

Dress, Hat

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty costume


Long sleeved black shirt, long black pants, black socks on hands and feet

Download 6.82 Kb.

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