Character Recipe

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Character Recipe
Objective: You will demonstrate your understanding of a character by “creating” them in a recipe form.

Imagine that you were to cook up that character. I’m asking you to record what comprises that person.

Preparation Tips:


1. Select a character from the literary work you are currently devouring.

2. List character traits and descriptions as they appear in the novel, short story, biography, etc.

3. Determine and list events or forces that they believe helped shape the character.

4. Look at a few recipes from magazines to see how they are written.

Create a recipe that the author might have used to develop the character they have selected. Baste

themselves in creative juices every so often.


Stir. Add ingredients. Check to make sure preparation instructions are clear and in logical order.


Check spelling, abbreviations for measurements, and that preparation instructions are delivered using

imperative sentences (if you don’t know what one is, find out!).
Here’s an example:


Recipe for Pearl Prynne Pie (The Scarlet Letter)


2 cups Beauty

4 tablespoons Scandal

3 teaspoons Mystery

1/2 cup Regret

4 pints Scorn (use “Boston” brand)

5 drops Scarlet food coloring


Gather all ingredients. Start Beauty and mix Scandal deep into the middle of it. Beat until mixed. Heat

the 3 teaspoons of Mystery until it comes to a boil Pour into mixture. Next add 1/2 cup of regret

(mix until all clumps are smooth). Then the Scorn is stirred throughout. Bake for nine months. Make

sure to set the oven at zero degrees for no added warmth. Then add the attention-grabbing Scarlet

coloring. Result: one disgraced baby girl.

Preparation Time: 9 Months

Serves: 1 Mother

Ron Coia


Character Recipe

English 5-6

Mr. Coia

Reverend Hale’s Puritan Turnovers


3 cups Religious Fervor (Puritan flavor)

1 cup Fear of Authorities

1 bunch Books Weighted with Authority

3 heaping tablespoons Pride

2 cups Faulty Logic

3 drops Yellow food coloring

pinch of Truth

1 pint Compassion

sprinkle Guilt

1 piece Rope


Start with Religious Fervor and Books Weighted with Authorities. Knead untilthoroughly mixed. Slowly fold in Faulty Logic, one chunk at a time. Sprinkle Pride

over mixture and blend until thoroughly combined. Place in a hot Salem kettle. When

mixture is in the heat, the backbone will be exposed. Carefully remove and discard.

Add Yellow food coloring.

During cooking, mixture will slowly turn colors. Carefully add Truth. The yellow

color will fade, giving way to a vibrant color. The Pride in the mixture will shrink,

giving way to a healthier formation. Add Compassion. The Turnovers will remove

themselves from the heat. Serve on a plain dish, garnished with a portion of Rope .

Preparation Time: Three months

Serves: Two people: Elizabeth and John Proctor. Perhaps not quite enough for either.

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