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Agamemnon-A friend of Odysseus who fought with him in the Trojan War. He was slain by Aigisthos.

Aiolos Hippotades-A friend of the gods. He was manager of the winds.

Alcinoos-The king of the Phaiacians. He helped Odysseus return to Ithaca.

Amphinomos-The suitor whose manners please Penelopeia most.

Antinoos-One of the main suitors of Penelopeia. He is a miscreant and causes many problems in the house of Odysseus.

Argos-Odysseus' dog

Arnaios (Iros)-The town beggar. He gets into a fight with Odysseus.

Athena-The goddess of wisdom. She is a major supporter of Odysseus and helps him return home and regain what is his.

Calypso-A goddess who lives on the island of Ogygia. She held Odysseus prisoner for many years. She is the daughter of Atlas.

Charybdis-A whirlpool that swallows and spits out water three times a day.

Circe-A goddess who lived on the island of Aiaia. She turned some of Odysseus' men into pigs, but when confronted by Odysseus, she told him where he must go in order to return home to Ithaca.

Demodocos-A blind minstrel in the palace of Alcinoos.

Eidothea-The daughter of Proteus, The Old Man of the Sea. She told Menelaos how to leave the island of Pharos.

Elpenor-A comrade of Odysseus. He fell off of Circe's roof.

Eumaios-A swineherd that is very loyal to Odysseus. He plays an important role in the final battle.

Eurycleia-A very faithful servant in the house of Odysseus. She is one of the few people to recognize him when he returns to Ithaca.

Eurylochos-One of the men in Odysseus' crew.

Eurymachos-Another main suitor of Penelopeia. He is not as much of a miscreant as Antinoos but still causes many problems for Odysseus and his family.

Helios Hyperion-The sun-god who occupies the island of Thrinacia. His cattle are sacred.

Helen-The wife of Menelaos. She was the cause of the Trojan War.

Hephaistos-The master craftsman god.

Hermes-The messenger god. He helps Odysseus throughout the course of the story.

Icarios-The father of Penelopeia. He is urging her to marry one of the suitors.

Laertes-The father of Odysseus. He is a feeble old man.

Leucothea-The white sea goddess. She gave Odysseus a veil to help him get safely to the island of the Phaiacians.

Medon-The marshal who told Penelopeia the suitors' plan.

Melanthios-A servant to the suitors. He taunts Odysseus and Eumaios.

Melantho-One of Penelopeia's maids. She taunts Odysseus the beggar.

Menelaos-The ruler of Sparta. He was a good friend of Odysseus and fought with him in the Trojan War. He tells Telemachos of his father.

Mentes-The first disguise fo Athena. She takes this form when she first sees Telemachos.

Mentor-A comrade of Odysseus. He was also entrusted with his house. Athena takes the shape of Mentor when she sails with Telemachos to Pylos.

Nausicaa-The daughter of Alcinoos. She was the first to find Odysseus on the island of the Phaiacians.

Nestor-The ruler of Pylos. He was a good friend of Odysseus.

Odysseus-The hero of the story. He has endured many troubles and hardships in his struggle to save his life and return home to his family.

Orestes-The son of Agamemnon. He returned home and killed Aigisthos.

Peisistratos-The son of Nestor. He travles with Telemachos when he visits Menelaos.

Penelopeia-The wife of Odysseus and mother to Telemachos. She is mourning her husband and is forced to choose a man to marry.

Phemios-A rhapsode in the house of Odysseus.

Philoitios-The drover. He is very loyal to Odysseus. He is the fourth person to know Odysseus is home and plays an important role in the final battle.

Polyphemos-The most powerful Cyclopian. He is the son of Poseidon and was blinded by Odysseus.

Pontonoos-A herald in the palace of Alcinoos.

Poseidon-The god of the sea. He bears a grudge against Odysseus because he blinded Poseidon's son Polyphemos.

Proteus-The Old Man of the Sea. After being captured by Menelaos, he told him everything he wanted to know.

Scylla-A monster with six necks and twelve flapping feet. She ate six of Odysseus' men.

Teiresias-The blind Theban seer in Hades. He tells Odysseus all that he wishes to know.

Telemachos-The son of Odysseus. Throughout the story, he grows into a mature and capable young man.

Theoclymenos-A prophet who was brought to Ithaca by Telemachos. He warns the suitors of their fate.

Zeus-The ruler of the gods. He can be two-faced at times; however, he swears Odysseus shall return home.

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