Character Creation Step One: Formulate Character Concept. Step Two: Select Character Role

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Fading Suns

Character Creation

Step One: Formulate Character Concept.
Step Two: Select Character Role
Nobles Merchants Priests

Hawkwood Charioteers Urth Orthodox

Decados Engineers Brother Battle

Li Halan Scravers Eskatonic Order

al-Malik The Muster (Chainers) Temple Avesti (Avestites)

Minor House Reeves (Gray Faces) Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans)

Yeoman (Freelancer) Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts)
Aliens Barbarians

Ur-Obun Kurgan

Ur-Ukar Vuldrok

Step Three: Select Characteristics

20 points. Base 3 in Mind and Body charactertistics. Spirit traits are set up in pairs – select a primary which starts at 3 and a secondary which starts at 1 (Alien, if secondary, starts at 0). May not raise any above 8.

Body – Strength, Dexterity, Endurance

Mind – Wits, Perception, Tech

Spirit – Extrovert vs. Introvert, Passion vs. Calm, Faith vs. Ego, Human vs. Alien

The total score of paired Characteristics cannot exceed 10 (so if Passion is 6, Calm cannot be more than 4).

Step Four: Select Skills

30 points.

Learned – Skills which must be learned. Base Rating of 0.

Natural – Skills everyone possesses to one degree or another. Base Rating of 3.

Natural Skills: Charm, Dodge, Fight, Impress, Melee, Observe, Vigor, Shoot.
Step Five: Select Benefices and Afflictions

10 points.

Afflictions can give additional points for Benefices.
Step Six: Spend Extra Points

40 points.

Trait Cost (to raise by 1)

Characteristic (Body, Mind, Spirit, Occult) 3

Wyrd 2

Skill 1

Benefice 1

Blessing 1

Occult Power 1 per level

Martial Arts/Fencing Action 1 per level



5 Levels = Vital Wounds

Total = Endurance + 5


Non-Occultist = Passion or Calm (Primary)

Psi = Extrovert or Introvert (Primary)

Theurgy = Faith
Fading Suns

Character Advancement

Basic Experience.

Awarded to entire group.

1 pt: Failure or marginally successful game sesssion

2 pt: Average game session

3 pt: Particularly successful, “over-and-above-goal” sesssion
Extra Experience.

Awarded to individual characters

+1 pt: Character performed great deed

+1 pt: Player roleplayed very well

+1 to +3 pts: Character learned something new
Experience Increase Chart.

Trait Cost

Characteristic 3 x current rating

Skills, combat actions 2 x current rating

Occult powers 2 x current rating

Wyrd 2 x current rating

Martial Arts/Fencing Action 2 per level

Fading Suns

Character Creation -- Skill List

Natural Skills.










Learned Skills.





















Music Composition



Rhetoric (Writing)


Stained Glass

Beast Lore


Combat Actions


Martial Arts










Etiquette (High Society)













Variable Specialities









Redemption (Tech)

Comp Redemption

Craft Redemption

High-Tech Redemption

Mech Redemption

Volt Redemption

















Sleight of Hand











Scraver Cant



Stoic Body

Stoic Mind



Think Machine








Military Tactics


Fading Suns

Character Creation – Benefice/Affliction List



Alien Upbringing (2 pts.)

Heir (3 pts.)

Secrets (1-5 pts.)

Well-Traveled (3 or 5 pts.)


Cloistered (1 pt.)

Dark Secret (1-3 pts.)

Infamous Family (1 pt.)

Oath of Fealty (1-3 pts.)

Obligation (1-3 pts.)

Orphan (1 pt.)

Stigma (1-4 pts.)

Lost Worlder (1 pt.)



Ally (1-11 pts.)

Contact (1 pt.)

Family Ties (3 pts.)

Gossip Network (1-4 pts.)

Protection (3 pts.)

Retinue (1-4 pts.)


Dependent (1 pt.)

Vendetta (1-4 pts.)



Armor (1-10 pts.)

Energy Shield (5-25 pts.)

Firearms (1-18 pts.)

Relics (varies)

Special Equipment (varies)

Unique Item (1-? pts.)

Vestments (1 pt.)


Passage contracts (2-10 pts.)

Refuge (2-10 pts.)

Riches (3-11 pts.)


Indebted (2-6 pts.)


Commission (3-13 pts.)

Householder (1 pt.)

Nobility (3-13 pts.)

Ordained (3-13 pts.)

Professional Contact (1-10 pts.)


Barbarian (2 pts.)

Bastard (1 pt.)

Black Sheep (1-3 pts.)

Branded (1 pt.)

Escaped Serf (2 pts.)

Escaped Slave (3 pts.)

Fallen from Grace (1-3 pts.)

Outlaw (1-4 pts.)

Fading Suns

Character Creation – Blessings and Curses



Handsome (1 pt: +1 Charm)

Beautiful (2 pts: +2 Charm)

Angelic (3 pts: +3 Charm)


Homely (1 pt: -1 Charm)

Ugly (2 pts: -2 Charm)

Monstrous (3 pts: -3 Charm)


Bold (2 pts: +2 Passion when others hesitate)

Compassionate (2 pts: +2 Passion when helping others)

Curious (2 pts: +2 Extrovert when seeing something new)

Disciplined (2 pts: +2 Calm in combat situations)

Gracious (2 pts: +2 Extrovert to guests)

Innovative (2 pts: +2 Tech when trying to invent something new)

Just (2 pts: +2 Passion when righting a wrong)

Pious (2 pts: +2 Extrovert among the sinful)

Shrewd (2 pts: +2 Wits against attempts to fast-talk)

Suspicious (2 pts: +2 to Perception when rivals about)

Unyielding (2 pts: +2 Endurance when honor is at stake)


Bluster (2 pts: -2 Extrovert when recounting deeds)

Callous (2 pts: -2 Passion when asked for aid)

Clueless (2 pts: -2 Perception to notice social clues)

Condescending (2 pts: -2 Extrovert among the unenlightened)

Greedy (2 pts: -2 Calm when money involved)

Guilty (2 pts: -2 on all rolls when opposing Church officials)

Gullible (2 pts: -2 Wits against attempts to fast-talk)

Haughty (2 pts: -2 Extrovert around serfs)

Impetuous (2 pts: -2 wits when trading)

Righteous (2 pts: -2 Calm when judgment questioned)

Manon (2 pts: -2 Faith when money involved)

Nosy (2 pts: -2 Calm when seeing something new)

Possessive (2 pts: -2 Calm when cut out of the action)

Prideful (3 pts: -3 when Calm)

Subtle (2 pts: -2 Extrovert when explaining something)

Uncouth (2 pts: -2 Extrovert at society functions)

Unnerving (2 pts: +2 Alien when dealing with Serfs except on luck rolls)

Vain (1 pt: -1 Perception when being flattered)

Vengeful (+3 pts: -3 Calm when honor impinged, will never forget slight)


Ambidextrous (4 pts: +4 to offset the -4 penalty for off-hand weapons)

Beastmaster (2 pts: +2 for non-combat interation with animals)

Casanova (2 pts: +2 Passion when seducing others)

Compass (2 pts: +2 Wits when figuring out direction or location)

Crack Driver/Pilot (4 pts: +2 to all Drive rolls)

Fast Draw (2 pts: +2 Initiative drawing and firing a gun in the same action)

Grease Monkey (4 pts: +2 with all Tech Redemption skills)

Keen Ears (2 pts: +2 Perception with hearing only)

Keen Eyes (2 pts: +2 Perception with sight only)

Lucky at Cards (1 pt: +2 Gambling with cards only)

Sensitive Smell (1 pt: +2 Perception with smell only)

Sensitive Touch (1 pt: +2 Perception to discern touched objects)


Bad Hearing (2 pts: -2 Perception with hearing only)

Bad Vision (2 pts: -2 Perception with sight only)

Beast Foe (2 pts: -2 for non-combat interaction with animals)

Clumsy (2 pts: -2 Dexterity with athletic tasks)

Mechanically Disinclined (2 pts: -2 with all Tech Redemption)

Quasimodo (2 pts: -2 Passion when seducing others)


Well-liked (1 pt: +1 Charm)

Charitable (2 pts: +2 Charm)

Honest (2 pt: +2 Extrovert)

Hero (2 pt: +2 Impress)

Local hero/villain (1 pt: +1 Human/Alien for recognition rolls)

Famous (2 pts: +2 Human/Alien for recognition rolls)

Legendary (4 pts: +4 Human/Alien for recognition rolls)


Cad (2 pts: -2 Charm)

Scary (2 pts: +2 Impress, adversely affects reactions)

Liar or known criminal (2 pt: -2 Knavery)

Tyrant (2 pts: -2 Charm among peasants)


Dwarf (+5 pts: -2 Vitality, base run: 6 meters, requires tailored clothing. Humans suffer +1 Alien among strangers.)

Short (+3 pts: -1 Vitality, base run: 8 meters)

Tall (3 pts: +1 Vitality, base run: 12 meters)

Giant (5 pts: +2 Vitality, base run: 14 meters, requires tailored clothing. Humans suffer +1 Alien among strangers.)
Fading Suns

Character Creation – Combat Actions -- Martial Arts

Style Modifiers.


Fist. Learn 1 level lower than the action’s required level.

Kick, Grapple. 1 extra experience point to learn.


No modifiers.

Mantok. (Brother Battle)

Save 1 experience point on learning any martial action.

Iron Heel.

Kick, Grapple: 1 level lower than the action’s required level.

Add 2 to the experience point cost of any action Level 7 or above.

Jox Kai Von (Jox Boxing).

Grapple. Learn 1 level lower than the action’s required level.

Kick. 2 extra experience points to master.

Graa. (Vorox)

No modifiers.

Martial Arts Actions.

Martial Fist (Level 1)

Martial Kick (Level 2)

Martial Hold (Level 3)

Block (Level 4)

Martial Throw (Level 5)

Claw Fist (Level 5)

Tornado Kick (Level 5)

Sure Fist (Level 6)

Leaping Kick (Level 6)

Choke Hold (Level 6)

Speed Fist (Level 7)

Trip Kick (Level 7)

Throw Group (Level 7)

Block and Strike (Level 8)

Power Fist (Level 9)

Vital Strike (Level 10)
Graa (Vorox Martial Arts) Actions.

Banga (“Charge”, Level 3)

Drox (“Second Hand”, Level 5)

Throx (“Third Hand”, Level 9)

Fading Suns

Character Creation – Fencing Actions

Fencing Actions.

Parry (Level 1)

Thrust (Level 2)

Slash (Level 3)

Flat of Blade (Level 4)

Draw and Strike (Level 4)

Disarm (Level 5)

Feint (Level 5)

Off-hand (Level 6)

Parry/Riposte (Level 6)

Cloak (Level 7)

Athletic Strike (Level 8)

Pierce (Level 9)

Double Strike (Level 10)

Fading Suns

Rule Reference


Highest skill being used goes first. In case of ties, refer to the mutual Wits scores. A further tie between Wits indicates that both actions take place simultaneously.

Goal Roll.

Success = d20 < Goal Number

Goal Number = Characteristic Trait + Skill Trait

# rolled = Successes
Victory Chart.

Successes Victory Points/Effect Dice Accomplishment

1-2 1/+0 Barely satisfactory

3-5 1/+1 Mediocre

6-8 2/+2 Pretty good

9-11 3/+3 Good job

12-14 4/+4 Excellent

15-17 5/+5 Brilliant

18-20 6/+6 Virtuoso Performance
Effect Roll.

Used in certain circumstances (combat) to determine magnitude of success.

Goal Number = 13

Can pull your punch and user fewer dice.

Modifiers to Actions.

Multiple Actions. (on 1 turn)

2 actions = -4

3 actions = -6

Contested Actions.

Both roll, greater number of successes succeeds.

Successes = Higher - Lower

Complementary Actions.

Person aiding the other individual makes his roll. His Victory Points act as a modifier to the other person’s Goal Roll.

Sustained Actions.

Multiple Goal Rolls. Once a sufficient number of Victory Points has been gained, the action succeeds. 3 Failures or 1 Critical Failure indicates you have failed at the task.

Task Victory Pts Condition

Simple 6 Climbing a tree

Complex 9 Researching weaknesses of noble

Involved 12 Climbing sheer cliff

Obscure 18 Deciphering Vautech

Arcane 23+ Repairing Vautech

Second Tries.

Second Attempt = -2

Third Attempt = -4

Task then proves impossible.

Excessive Goal Numbers.

Natural Goal Numbers > 20 = Additional Effect Dice

Automatic Success = 1

Automatic Failure = 19

Critical Success.

Goal Roll = Goal Number

Critical Failure = 20
Accents. (Optional Rule)

Increase power by sacrificing finesse, increase finesse by sacrificing power.

Choose modifier to goal roll. Goal number stays the same.

Modifier cannot be larger than skill trait.

Negative: Increases chance of success, but decreases number of successes.

Positive: Increases chance of failure, but increases number of successes.

Fading Suns

Special Case Rules

Inciting Passion.

Spend one Wyrd Point and role with Passion as goal number. You must have a focus (true love, etc.) before you can attempt to incite Passion.

Situation Passion

Insulted/humiliated before an important audience. +3

Suffering bigotry (class or race based). +2

Reputation threatened. +1

Freedom theatrened. +2

Livelihood threatened. +3

Life threatened. +5

Favored by lover. +2

Spurned by lover. +3

Lover threatened. +4

Friends threatened. +1

House/Church/League matter of importance +2

Rival/foe within presence. +3

Crisis of faith. +3

Money involved. +1

Lots of money involved. +2

In combat +1

Encountering scary place/people +1

Encountering terrifying place/people +2
Steady Hand.

Same as inciting passion, except you gain the bonus because you are focusing intensely on the task at hand. Goal number = Calm.

Remaining Calm. Roll Calm + appropriate skill as Goal Number.
Recognition. Roll with Human or Alien characteristic as Goal Number. Apply appropriate modifiers.
Regaining Wyrd.

Meditation. Roll Calm + Focus – 1 Wyrd Point regained per Victory Point. One roll per hour of meditation, once successful you must wait 8 hours before attempting again. (Normal penalties apply.)

Sleeping. 1 hour sleep = 1 Wyrd Point

Astrological Event. 1 point per night a moon rises, 1 additional point on a planetary conjunction.

Religious Event. Events of sacramental or religious importance to a theurge regenerate one point.

Spend 1 Wyrd Point. If you don’t have a Wyrd Point, you can still try – if you succeed you won’t be able to regain Wyrd Points for a full week.

Successes Miracle

1-3 Simple fortuitous event which could have happened just as easily without divine intervention, but are especially beneficial for the characters at this particular moment in time.

4-5 Less likely events: a runaway vehicle collides with an assassin, an attacking beast is calmed or frightened away by a certain color worn by a character, an Amalthean punches out an evil-doer, the check clears the bureaucratic red tape in time to save the orphanage, etc.

6-7 Extreme longshots are not impossible but highly improbable: lightning strikes an attacker, all shots in close firefight miss the character, etc.

8 Minor impossibilities: a broken machine runs one last time, a Reeve gives his riches to charity, a disinterested passerby decides to trust the characters without being fast-talked or duped, etc.

9 Strange unexplainable events: omens, visions and revelations, voices from the sky, a mysterious stranger who saves the day and then vanishes, etc.

10 Deeply profound, soul-stirring events: mass visions, parting seas, new constellations in the sky, an Avestite judge shows clemency, etc.

Critical Totally undeniable impossibilities: raising the dead, halting the sun, surviving the vacuum of space, etc.

Fading Suns

Psychic Powers

Multiple Targets. 1 Wyrd Point = 1 extra target

Range. Base Range = Direct Sensory Contact

Distance Wyrd Cost

1 kilometer 1

5 kilometers 2

10 kilometers 3

25 kilometers 4

50 kilometers 5

100 kilometers 6

1,000 kilometers 7

planetwide 8

solar system 9

intersteller 10 (psychics have been known to go mad trying this)


Instant – One Turn

Temporary – 10 turns

Prolonged – 1 Span

Perpetual – Effectively Permanent, must be renewed at least once a year

1 Wyrd Point = Increases Time Span by one level


Stress of Psychic activity splits ego in two. In order to increase Psi (in order to learn more powerful techniques) they must first “face their Urge” and overcome it – this requires roleplaying through a scenario in which the character confronts his Urge and force, cajole, or charm it into retreating. This requires a Wits + Stoic Mind, Charm, or Knavery rolll – but must be roleplayed.


(Must learn a Level 1 power along a path before learning a Level 2 power.)

Bonding (Level 3, Extrovert + Empathy, touch, perpetual, variable W)

Far Hand

Lifting Hand (Level 1, Extrovert + Focus, sight, temporary, 1W)

Throwing Hand (Level 2, Passion + Focus, sight, temporary, 1W)

Crushing Hand (Level 3, Extrovert + Fight, sight, temporary, 1W)

Dueling Hand (Level 4, Extrovert + Melee or Shoot, sight, temporary, 1W)

Far Arms (Level 5, Extrovert + Focus, sight, temporary, 1W)

Far Wall (Level 6, Extrovert + Stoic Mind, sight, temporary, 1W)

Air Stride (Level 7, Introvert + Focus, temporary, 1W)

Hand Shock (Level 8, Passion + Focus, touch, instant, 1W)

Air Dance (Level 9, Extrovert + Focus, sight, temporary, 1W)


Shadows Gone By (Level 6, Calm + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Shadows to Come (Level 7, Calm + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Voice from the Past (Level 8, Calm + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Oracle (Level 9, Calm + Focus, 1W)


Intuit (Level 1, Extrovert + Empathy, sight, temporary, 1W)

Emote (Level 2, Passion + Charm or Impres, sight, instant, 1W)

Mind Sight (Level 3, Extrovert + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Mind Speech (Level 4, Extrovert + Charm, sight, temporary, 1W)

Heart’s Command (Level 5, Extrovert + Impress, sight, temporary, 1W)

HeadShackle (Level 6, Extrovert + Charm or Impress, sight, temporary, 1W)

Brain Blast (Level 7, Passion + Impress, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Sympaticus (Level 8, Extrovert + Empathy, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Puppetry (Level 9, Ego + Focus, touch, prolonged, 1W)

Sixth Sense

Sensitivity (Level 1, Perception + Observe, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Darksense (Level 2, Extrovert + Observe, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Subtle Sight (Level 3, Human + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Premonition (Level 4, Extrovert + Observe, sensory, temporary, 1W)

Far Sight (Level 5, Extrovert + Observe, distance, prolonged, 1W)

Far Sound (Level 6, Extrovert + Observe, distance, prolonged, 1W)

Shared Sense (Level 7, Extrovert + Empathy, distance, prolonged, 1W)

Wyrd Sight (Level 8, Introvert + Observe, sight, temporary, 1W)

Senses Shock (Level 9, Extrovert + Impress, touch, instant, 1W)


Toughening (Level 1, Introvert + Vigor, prolonged, 1W)

Strengthening (Level 2, Passion + Vigor, prolonged, 1W)

Quickening (Level 3, Calm + Vigor, prolonged, 1W)

Hardening (Level 4, Introvert + Stoic Body, prolonged, 1W)

Sizing (Level 5, Extrovert + Vigor, prolonged, 1W)

Masking (Level 6, Extrovert + Charm, prolonged, 1W)

Recovering (Level 7, Introvert + Remedy, instant, 1W)

Slowing (Level 8, Calm + Focus, prolonged, 1W)

Closing (Level 9, Introvert + Vigor, prolonged 1W)

Other Paths: Visioning, Cloaking, Turning


Activated when the character fumbles a Psi roll. The character can spend a Wyrd Point in order to attempt to regain control – Calm + Stoic Mind or Focus, while the Urge twin uses Passion + Impress. The Wyrd Point goes into the Urge twin’s Wyrd Pool.

Speak in Tongues (Level 1, Extrovert + Knavery)

Misdirection (Level 2, Wits + Focus)

Voices (Level 3, Perception + Knavery)

Wyrd Drain (Level 4, Introvert + Vigor)

Visions (Level 5, Perception + Knavery)

Urges (Level 6, Passion + Empathy or Torture)

Dementia (Ego + Knavery)

Outer Child (Level 8, Extrovert + Focus)

Doppleganger (Level 9, Extrovert + Vigor)
Gaining Urge.

Taboo Roll Levels

Refusing sacrament Ego + Stoic Mind 1

Missing consecration for more than 1 year Ego + Focus 1

Suffering Inquisatorial torture Calm + Stoic Mind 1-2

Suffering excommunication Faith + Stoic Mind 2-3

Exposure to another psychic’s Urge Psi + Stoic Mind 1

Fumbling a psychic Power Roll Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 1

Exposure to alien occult powers Human or Alien + Stoic Mind 1

Exposure to evil artifact Human or Alien + Stoic Mind 1-3

Declaring a vendetta Passion + Focus 1

Murder Passion + Focus 1-2

Rape Passion + Focus 1-2

Stealing Wits + Focus 1

Rebellion against (house, Church, Emperor) Wits + Focus 1
Losing Urge

Deed Roll Levels

Pilgrimage Faith + Vigor 1

Church mercy (becoming Penitent) Faith + Focus 1-2

Performing Church mission Faith + Focus 1

Exposure to Soul Shard Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 2-3

Exposure to Philosopher’s Stone Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 1

Selfless sacrifice Passsion + Empathy 1-2

Exposure to Second Republic Psi Clinic Introvert + Stoic Mind or Focus 1-2

Fading Suns

Theurgic Powers


Liturgy (L) – Spoken words – long orations or short prayers

Gestures (G) – Symbols and signs must be traced in air or on object of the ritual. Simple cross – complex rune.

Prayer (P) – Meditation – short moment of concentration or hours-long trance.

Provide +1 bonus. +1 for every two additional vestments. Official Church Vestments cost 1 Benefice Point.

Vestment Type of Ritual

Miter (Rank 4+) Wisdom (Divine Revelation, Tongues of Babel)

Crosier (Rank 3+) Command, leadership (Devotional Liturgy, Exorcism)

Robes Protection (Armor of the Pancreator)

Censor Cleansing (Cleansing, Consecration)

Jumpgate Cross Morale, avert (Dispersing the Darkness, Fearsome Majesty)

Water Healing (Laying on of Hands, Healing Hand of St. Amalthea)

Rosary Bead Concentration, meditation (Righteous Assignation of Penance, Righteous Fervor)


Relics assist theurgics by providing Wyrd or allowing them to cast rites they have yet to learn.

Casting Multiple Rituals.

Rite Penalty

First rite None

Second rite -2

Third rite -4

Fourth rite -6

Fifth rite -8

Sixth rite -10


Any time a theurgist fumbles a rite casting, he must roll Theurgy + Focus or gain a level of Hubris.

Theurgic Powers.

Church Rituals

The Prophet’s Holy Blessing (Level 1, Faith + Focus, G, touch, 1W)

The Devotional Liturgy (Level 2, Extrovert + Oratory, L, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

The Laying On of Hands (Level 3, Calm + Remedy, P, touch, instant, 1W)

The Prophet’s Censure (Level 4, Passion + Focus, LG, sight, 1W)

The Pulpit’s Gift (Level 5, Passion + Oratory, LG, sensory, one act, 1W)

The Tongues of Babel (Level 6, Wits + Empathy, GP, prolonged, 1W)

The Righteous Assignation of Penance (Level 7, Faith + Empathy, LP, 1W)

Shield of Faith (Level 8, Extrovert + Focus, GP, 1W)

Providential Deliverance (Level 9, Faith + Focus, LGP, 1W)

Orthodox Rituals

Consecration (Level 1, Faith + Focus, GP, touch, one act, 1W)

Light (Level 2, Passion + Focus, G, prolonged, 1W)

Armor of the Pancreator (Level 3, Faith + Dodge, LG, prolonged, 1W)

Faithful Heart (Level 4, Introvert + Stoic Mind, LP, prolonged, 1W)

Dispersal of Darkness (Level 5, Passion + Impress, LG, temporary, 1W)

Consecration of Land (Level 6, GP, one act, 1W)

Blessing the Crops (Level 7, Extrovert + Survival, LGP, 1W)

Exorcism (Level 8, Faith + Impress, LGP, sensory, 1W)

Sealing the Temple (Level 9, Calm + Impress, LGP, prolonged, 1W)

Brother Battle Rituals

Soul’s Vessel (Level 1, Extrovert + Stoic Body, P, prolonged, 1W)

Rightfully Guided Hand (Level 2, Faith + Fight, Shoot, or Melee, LG, temporary, 1W)

Armor of the Pancreator (Level 3, Faith + Dodge, LG< prolonged, 1W)

Righteous Fervor (Level 4, Passion + Vigor, L, one act, 1W)

Liturgy of the Wrathful Host (Level 5, Passion + Charm, LP, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Smiting Hand (Level 6, Faith + Vigor, LG, instant, 1W)

Fearsome Majesty (Level 7, Passion + Impress, LG, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Oath of the Shieldmates (Level 8, Extrovert + Empathy, LGP, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Salutation to Zakhayelos, Lord of Hosts (Level 9, Passion + Impress, LGP, 1W)

Eskatonic Order Rituals

Celestial Alignment (Level 1, Perception + Observe, P, perpetual, 1W)

Divine Revelation (Level 2, Wits + Focus, P, 1W)

Rending the Veil of Unreason (Level 3, Perception + Focus, P, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Second Sight (Level 4, Perception + Focus, P, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Osseous Transmutation (Level 5, Extrovert + Alchemy, LG, touch, perpetual, 1W)

All-Seeing Eye (Level 6, Extrovert + Observe, LP, prolonged, 1W)

Refinement of Essence (Level 7, Extrovert + Alchemy, LG, touch, perpetual, 1W)

Investiture (Level 8, Calm + Focus, LGP, touch, perpetual, 1W)

Knowledge of Conversation of Tholumiyelos, Lord of Wisdom (Level 9, Passion + Impress, LGP, 1W)

Temple Avesti Rituals

Knowing the False Heart (Level 1, Perception + Empathy, G, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Scent of Evil (Level 2, Perception + Empathy, GP, sensory, prolonged, 1W)

Sting of Conscience (Level 3, Extrovert + Impress, LG, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Torchbearing (Level 4, Passion + Focus, G, touch, temporary, 1W)

Fault of the Soulless (Level 5, Passion + relevant Tech Redemption, LG, sight, 1W)

Fearsome Majesty (Level 6, Passion + Impress, LG, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Inquisatory Commandment (Level 7, Passion + Inquiry, L, sight, temporary, 1W)

Tortures of the Damned (Level 8, Passion + Impress, LG, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Petition to Jachemuyelos, Lord of Judgment (Level 9, Passion + Impress, LGP, 1W)

Sanctuary Aeon Rituals

Cleansing (Level 1, Faith + Focus, LGP, touch, prolonged, 1W)

Hearth (Level 2, Passion + Focus, LG, touch, prolonged, 1W)

Calming (Level 3, Calm + Charm, G, sight, prolonged, 1W)

Knowing Heart (Level 4, Perception + Empathy, P, sight, temporary, 1W)

Fruitful Multiplication (Level 5, Faith + Sleight of Hand, LP, touch, perpetual, 1W)

Manna from Heaven (Level 6, Faith + Focus, LP, 1W)

Healing Hand of Saint Amalthea (Level 7, Calm + Physick, LGP, touch, instant, 1W)

Sanctuary (Level 8, Faith + Charm, LGP, prolonged, 1W)

Invitation to Hamomeyelos, Lord of Mercy (Level 9, Passion + Impress, LGP, 1W)


These represent the changing relationship between the theurge and the Pancreator/universe. Most are permanent. The Hubris does not take control, it merely alters.

Avert Beast (Level 1)

Guilty Soul (Level 2)

Blemishes (Level 3)

Flagellation (Level 4)

Dolorous Stroke (Level 5)

Faithless (Level 6)

Waste Land (Level 7)

Plague (Level 8)

Dead World (Level 9)
Gaining Hubris.

Taboo Roll Levels

Refusing sacrament Ego + Stoic Mind 1

Missing confession for more than 1 month Ego + Focus 1

Suffering Inquisitorial torture Calm + Stoic Mind 1-2

Suffering excommunication Faith + Stoic Mind 2-3

Fumbling a theurgy rite Theurgy + Focus 1

Exposure to alien occult powers Faith + Stoic Mind 1

Exposure to evil artifact Faith + Stoic Mind 1-3

Declaring a vendetta Passion + Focus 1

Murder Passion + Focus 1-2

Rape Passion + Focus 1-2

Stealing Wits + Focus 1

Inventing a proscribed tech Wits + Focus 1

Rebellion against sect Faith + Focus 1

Starting your own sect Faith + Focus 1-3

Losing Hubris.

Deed Roll Levels

Pilgrimage Faith + Vigor 1

Church mercy (absolution for sins) Faith + Focus 1-2

Forsaking Theurgy (1 year, lose 1 Theurgy level) Faith + Focus 3

Performing a Church Mission Faith + Focus 1

Exposure to a Soul Shard Human/Alien + Stoic Mind/Focus 1-2

Exposure to a Philosopher’s Stone Human/Alien + Stoic Mind/Focus 1

Selfless Sacrifice Passion + Empathy 1-2

Exposure to relic (once per relic) Faith + Focus 1

Converting new faithless (heathens, heretics) Faith + Empathy 1-2

Converting other sects Faith + Charm or Impress 1

Renewing the faith of one who had lost it Faith + Empathy 1-3

Fading Suns


Combat Procedure.

  1. Initiative.

  2. Goal Roll.

Characteristic + Skill = Natural Goal Number

Natural Goal Number +/- modfiers = Modified Goal Number

  1. Damage Roll

# Damage Dice = Weapon’s Damage Dice + Effect Dice

Critical Success = Dice x 2

Goal Number = 13

Each die that suceeds = 1 point of damage

Damage: Vitality - (Damage Point - Armor)


Basic: Fist, Kick, Grapple, Charge, and Dodge.

Specialized actions require skills. (ex. Martial Arts)

Fist. A punch, slap, or strike with the hand or arm.

Kick. A strike or sweep with leg or foot.

Grapple. Successful goal roll indicates he has grabbed his opponent.

Opposed Strength + Vigor to Hold him (cannot move or dodge).

Turns Held Attacker’s Bonus

Second +2

Third +4

Fourth +6

Fifth +8

Sixth +10

Charge. Run full throttle with intent to damage target.

1d for every 3 meters traveled.

+2 next turn to initiative and goal roll if successful

Stand Up = 2 actions

Dodge. Avoids attempts to damage by moving out of the way.

Contested Action: Dexterity + Dodge

Abort to Dodge: Cancelling another action to dodge; -4 penalty to Dodge


With Other Action: 1 meter in any direction w/o penalty to other actions

Multiple Actions: Normal penalty applies, count moving as 1 action.

Single Action: Move up to maximum running speed:

10 meters + (successes on Dex+Vigor roll)

Getting Up: Getting up from a prone position takes 2 actions.


Stun = Character taking more damage in one blow than his Endurance. Lose all further actions for that turn.

Knock Unconscious = Attempt to knock unconscious made at -4.

Damage must exceed Endurance. Target rolls Endurance + Vigor; failure indicates he’s fallen unconscious (otherwise he is stunned). After a number of turns equal to the damage taken, the character may again make Endurance + Vigor checks until he awakens. A critical failure on the check indicates he has fallen unconscious for one hour.

Fire. Damage points applied directly to armor.

Flame Damage Points

Candle 1

Torch 3

Bonfire 4-6

Chemical fire 5

Falling. Damage points applied directly to armor. Padded/Cloth armor provides full protection; metal armor, etc. provides ½ protection (round up).

Distance (in meters) Damage Points

2 1

4 2

8 3

10 4

12 5

16 6

20 7

24 8

every +4 meters +1
Surface Damage

Sharp rocks, spikes +2d

Soft (mattress) -3 damage points

Water -4 damage points

Basic. 1 Vital Level per month, 1 Non-Vital Level per week.

First Aid. Administered within 10 minutes of the wound (Wits + Remedy). Immediately heals 1 Vitality level. Critical Success = 2 levels.

Elixir. Roll drug’s potency (usually 2 + 2d), each hit heals one wound point.

Fading Suns

Combat Modifiers

Strength Bonus.

Strength Damage Bonus

1-5 0

6-8 +1

9-11 +2

12 +3

Cover Dodge Bonus

Lying down +1

Behind partial cover (a crate) +2

Behind full cover (a wall) +4
Range Penalties.

Range Penalty (Goal Roll)

Short Range none

Long Range -2

Extreme Range -4

Perception Modifiers.

Perception Modifier Condition

-2 Moonlit night

-4 Fog or Smoke

-6 Near or Total Darkness

+2 Well-lit

-2 Extremely bright lit

-4 Blindingly bright lit

+2 Utterly silent

-2 Loud noise

-4 Extremely Loud Noise
Physical Obstacles.

Dexterity Modifier Obstacle/Condition

-2 Slippery floor

-2 Performing a Fight or Melee attack from the ground

+2 Performing a Fight or Melee attack against a target

on the ground

-2 Attacking from partial cover

-4 Attacking from full cover (behind a wall)

-4 Performing an action while running

Fading Suns

Combat – Action Charts

Basic Actions Chart.

Action. Roll Init Goal DMG Effect

Fist Dex+Fight 2

Kick Dex+Fight -1 3

Grapple Dex+Fight -2 2 See Combat Ref.

Charge Dex+Fight -3 3+ See Combat Ref.

Dodge Dex+Dodge n/a See Combat Ref.

Martial Arts Actions Chart.

Action. Roll. Init Goal DMG Effect

Martial Fist Dex+Fight 3

Martial Kick Dex+Fight -1 4

Martial Hold Dex+Fight -1 3 If successful, roll Dex+Fight (+ victory points) vs. target’s Str+Vigor. If successful, target is grapplied.

Block Dex+Dodge n/a As Dodge. If successful, add three successes to resist attacks.

Martial Throw Dex+Fight -2 3 If successful, roll Dex+Fight (+ victory points) vs. target’s Str+Vigor. If successful, throw target 1m/success up to Str. Add 1d DMG per 3m thrown.

Claw Fist Dex+Fight 4

Tornado Kick Dex+Fight -1 5

Sure Fist Dex+Fight -2 +2 3

Leaping Kick Dex+Fight -2 -1 6

Choke Hold Dex+Fight -3 -1 4 After three turns grappling, roll Str+Vigor vs. target’s End+Vigor. If successful, target falls unconscious.

Speed Fist Dex+Fight -3 -1 4 +3 successes against dodges and blocks

Trip Kick Dex+Fight +2 3 Roll vs. target’s Dex+Vigor. If successful, target is knocked down.

Throw Group Dex+Fight -2 3 As per Martial Throw. Can throw 1 attacker per Fight rating.

Block & Strike Dex+Fight +2/0 0/3 Block opponent’s attack. If successful, roll Martial Fist with no multiple action penalty.

Power Fist Dex+Fight -1 5 Opt: Spend 1 Wyrd to add 1d DMG.

Vital Strike Dex+Fight -3 -2 3 Roll complementary Per+Physick: add victory dice to DMG.
Graa (Vorox Martial Arts) Actions Chart.

Action. Roll. Init Goal DMG Effect

Banga (Charge) Dex+Fight -3 3+ If successful, attacker and target knocked down. Add 2 DMG/3m run.

Drox (2nd Hand) Dex+Fight -2 Allows a second action with no multiple action penalty.

Throx (3rd Hand) Dex+Fight -3 Allows third action with no multiple action penalty.

Fencing Actions Chart.

Action. Roll. Init Goal DMG Effect

Parry Dex+Melee +2 n/a Roll victory dice + weapon DMG as armor.

Thrust Dex+Melee +2

Slash Dex+Melee -2 +1

Flat of Blade Dex+Melee -3d No victory dice are added.

Draw & Strike Dex+Melee -2 Draw sword and strike in same action.

Disarm Dex+Melee -2 If successful, roll Dex+Melee (+ victory points) vs. target’s Str+Melee. If successful, target drops blade, which can be thrown 1m per victory point.

Feint Dex+Melee -2 -1 Add 3 successes against dodges only.

Off-hand Dex+Melee Suffer no penalties for off-hand weapons.

Parry/Riposte Dex+Melee +2/-1 Parry opponent’s attack. If successful, roll attack with no multiple action penalty.

Cloak Dex+Melee 0/-1 Parry opponent’s attack with a cloak in the off-hand (armor = victory points+3). If successful, attacker can attempt to Disarm opponent with no multiple action penalty.

Athletic Strike Dex+Melee -3 -2 Perform athletic feat (swing from chandelier) in same action with no multiple action penalty.

Pierce Dex+Melee -2 -3 Ignore target’s physical armor (not energy shields).

Double Strike Dex+Melee -1 -1 Attack with primary and off-hand weapon in same action (roll both attacks separately).

Firearms Actions Chart.
[ Firearm Actions are not purchased, they simply require the necessary level of proficiency in the Shoot skill. ]
Action. Level. Roll. Init Goal DMG Effect

Aim Dex+Shoot -3 +1/turn Maximum bonus is 3 (more if sight is used).

3-round burst Dex+Shoot -1 -1 +1

6-round burst Dex+Shoot -2 -2 +3

Empty Clip Dex+Shoot -2 -4 +5 +3 successes against dodges only

Spread Dex+Shoot -2 -1/m +1 Can be performed with a dodge for no penalty (no other actions may be taken in same turn).

Snapshot 3 Dex+Shoot +1 -2 Can be performed with a dodge for no penalty (no other actions may be taken in same turn).

Quick Draw 5 Dex+Shoot -2 -1 Draw guns and fire in same action.

Recock 7 Dex+Shoot -2 -1 Recock rifle or shotgun and fire in same action.Fading Suns

Combat – Weapons Charts


STR = Strength necessary to use the weapon.

RNG = Range in meters (Short Range/Long Range, anything larger is Extreme)

Rate = maximum number of actions allowed with this weapon per turn

SIZ = XS (extra small), S (small), M (medium), L (large), XL (extra large)

Cost = Benefice cost

Shot = Number of shots before a reload is necessary.
Melee Weapons.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG STR SIZ Cost

Knife Dex+Melee 3 1 S 0

Dirk Dex+Melee 4 2 M 0

Main Gauche Dex+Melee 3 2 M 0

Rapier Dex+Melee 5 3 L 0

Broadsword Dex+Melee 6 4 L 0

Scimitar Dex+Melee 6 3 L 0

Two-handed Sword Dex+Melee 8 6 XL 0

Axe Dex+Melee 7 5 L 0

Club Dex+Melee 4 2 L 0

Mace Dex+Melee 5 3 L 0

Flail Dex+Melee 4 4 L 0

[ Main Gauche: When parrying, armor is 5 + victory points. ]

[ Two-handed Sword: +1 initiative. ]

Artifact Melee Weapons.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG STR SIZ Cost

Wireblade Dex+Melee 7 2 L 12

Flux Sword Dex+Melee +1 6 3 L 11

Mist Sword Dex+Melee +1 6 3 L 13

[ Wireblade: Ignores physical armor (not energy shields). ]

[ Flux and Mist Swords can leak through energy shields. Roll damage normally, but those dice which roll 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 ignore shields. ]

Thrown Weapons.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG STR RNG Rate SIZ Cost

Knife Dex+Throwing 3 3 5/10 2 S 0

Star Dex+Throwing 2 2 5/10 2 XS 0

Dart Dex+Throwing 2 2 5/10 2 XS 0

Rock Dex+Vigor 1-2 1-3 5/10 2 XS-L 0
[ A character may add his Strength to thrown weapon damage. ]

[ Assumes extra weapons are waiting in the off-hand. One full action to “load” the off-hand. ]

[ Rock: If Throwing skill is used instead of Vigor, add one to the goal roll. ]

Bows and Crossbows.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG STR RNG Rate SIZ Cost

Hunting Bow Dex+Archery 4 4 20/30 3 M 0

Long Bow Dex+Archery 6 6 40/60 2 L 0

Target Bow Dex+Archery 3 3 30/40 2 M 0

Hand Crossbow Dex+Shoot 3 2(3) 10/20 1 S 0

Medium Crossbow Dex+Shoot 6 3(6) 20/30 1 M 0

Heavy Crossbow Dex+Shoot 8 3(8) 20/30 1 L 0
[ Bows: -1 goal for every level of Strength required above character’s own. ]

[ Crossbows: Number in parantheses is Strength required to recock bow. Two actions to reload crossbow; if character does not have the strength it takes an entire turn – unless the bow has a crank or tool to aid him. ]

Slug Guns.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG RNG Shots Rate SIZ Cost

Derringer Dex+Shoot -1 3 5/10 4 2 XS 1/1 per 3 clips

Lt. Revolver (.32) Dex+Shoot 4 10/20 6 3 S 1/1 per 3 clips

Lt. Autofeed (.32) Dex+Shoot 4 10/20 13 3 S 1/1 per 3 clips

Med. Revolver (.40) Dex+Shoot 5 20/30 6 3 S 2/1

Med. Autofeed (.40) Dex+Shoot 5 20/30 10 3 S 2/1

Hvy. Revolver (.47) Dex+Shoot 6 30/40 6 3 M 3/1

Hvy. Autofeed (.47) Dex+Shoot 6 30/40 8 3 M 3/1

Assault Rifle (.40) Dex+Shoot 7 40/60 30 3(A) XL 3/1

Sniper Rifle (10mm) Dex+Shoot 7 50/70 5 2 XL 3/1

SMG (.40) Dex+Shoot 5 30/40 20 3(A) L 3/1

Shotgun Dex+Shoot 8 20/30 7 2 L 3/1

[ First cost is for the gun, the second is for two clips/loads of bullets. ]

[ (A) = Gun is capable of autofire. ]

Energy Guns.

Weapon. Roll Goal DMG RNG Shots Rate SIZ Cost

Palm Laser Dex+Shoot 3 5/10 7 2 XS 3

Laser Pistol Dex+Shoot +1 5 10/20 15 2 S 5

Laser Rifle Dex+Shoot +1 7 30/40 23 2 XL 7

Assault Laser Dex+Shoot +1 8 20/30 20 2 XL 8

Blaster Pistol Dex+Shoot 7 10/20 10 1 S 7

Blaster Rifle Dex+Shoot 9 20/30 15 1 XL 9

Blaster Shotgun Dex+Shoot +2 9 10/20 8 1 L 10

Screecher (Sonic) Dex+Shoot +1 5 10/20 15 1 S 5

Flamegun Dex+Shoot +2 5/3 10/20 10 1 L 7

Stunner Dex+Shoot +1 4(S) 10/20 15 2 S 4

Rocketeer Dex+Shoot -2 9 20/30 5 1 XL 9

[ Blasters: Can leak through energy shields. Roll damage normally, but dice which roll 1,2, 3, 4, or 5 ignore energy shield. ]

[ Screecher: ½ DMG for targets wearing hearing protection – including characters with hands over ears. ]

[ Flameguns: Deliver heat DMG which ignores all armor. Roll damage normally, but dice which roll 1, 2, or 3 ignore armor (including shields). ]

[ Stunner: If target takes ANY damage from Stunner, roll End+Vigor. If roll fails, target is stunned for that turn (losing any actions not taken) and the next. If roll is critical failure, target falls unconscious. If damage taken is greater than Endurance, roll as above, but failure means target is knocked unconscious. Stunner damage heals completely after one span; mark it with an “S” on the character sheet. ]

Fading Suns

Combat – Armor Charts

Armor Chart.

Armor Defense Dex Vigor Cost

Padded Clothing (E) 1

Heavy Clothing (E) 2

Leather Jerkin 2+2d

Studded Leather 2+3d

Scale Mail 3+3d -1 -1 1

Half plate 3+3d -1 2

Chainmail 4+4d -1 -2 2

Plate armor 5+5d -2 -2 3

Synthsilk (E) 4+4d -1 7

Ceramsteel 7+7d -5 -5 12

Polymer Knit (E) 3+3d(2) 6

Flame retardant +3d vs. fire

Psi Cloak 10d 15

[ (E) This armor can be worn with energy shield. ]

[ Polymer Knit is useful only against slug guns; use number in parantheses against other damage. ]

[ Flame retardant is coated onto armor. ]

[ Psi Cloak defnds only against psychic attacks or neural disrupters. ]

[ Penalties on Ceramsteel do not apply if suit is powered. ]

Shield Roll Defense STR SIZ

Buckler Dex+Melee 3+3d 3 M

Large Shield Dex+Melee 5+5d 5 L-XL

Bullet-proofing +3d vs. bullets

[ Roll to contest opponent’s attacks and apply defense dice against opponent’s damage before applying other armor. ]
Energy Shields.

Shield Protection Hits Cost

Standard 5/10 10 5

Dueling 5/10 15 7

Assault 5/15 20 15

Battle 5/20 30 25
[ Dueling Shield is concealable. ]

[ Assault Shield is very rare – can be worn with leather, plastic, and most metal armors (except plate) since it has a wider radius. ]

[ Battle Shield is extremely rare – can be worn with metal plate or ceramsteel armor. ]


Fading Suns


Tech Level Chart.

Tech Level Era Item

0 Stone Age Flint dagger

1 Medieval Swords, wagons

2 Renaissance Gunpowder

3 Victorian Electricity

4 Mid-20th Century/

Fading Suns Aircraft, early computers

5 Diaspora Spacecraft, ceramsteel

6 Early 2nd Republic Advanced starships, advanced computers

7 Second Republic Shields, robots (early AI)

8 Vautech/

Late 2nd Republic Terraforming, advanced AI

9 Lesser Urtech Soul Shard

10 Urtech Jumpgate

Quality Chart

Quality Manufacture

+3 Premium (Second Republic)

+2 Master guildwork

+1 Superior artisanship

0 Standard

-1 Poor workmanship

-2 Saturday Night Special/first generation tech (just invented, still has bugs)

-3 Primitive, disrepair (fumble will break it)


Technology for fusion power lost – but many power plants still exist.

Fusion Cell = Standard battery used by the Second Republic.

Imperial Firebird = Standard

House/Regency Coin = Printed by lords

Guilders = Printed by Guilds


Planet House Coin Guilder

2 jumps from Byzantium II no value no value

3-4 jumps away ½ value ¼ value

5+ jumps away full value ½ value

Planet ruled by coin’s minter full value full value

Ruled by rival of minter none to ¼ none to 1/8
Space Travel.

Speed = No higher than 15% of light speed with modern ships. 2nd Republic got not higher than 20-25%.


Jumpkey = Needed to activate jumpgate to specific location.

Reset. Jumpgates need time to reset once they have been used to initiate a jump (a gate receiving a jump from another location needs no reset time). This can be canceled with an additional jumpkey.

Roll Jumpgate Reset Time

1-5 1 minute

6-10 10 minutes

11-14 30 minutes

15-17 1 hour

18-19 1 day

20 1 week

Pursuit. Roll Tech + Jumproads to follow a ship which has gone through a jumpgate.
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