Chapters 3 and 4 Study Guide

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Chapters 3 and 4 Study Guide

  1. What did Roger Williams believe the Puritans should do with the Church of England?

Split entirely from the Church of England

  1. Why did many colonists have large families?

Because of the many jobs on a farm that most families lived on

  1. What was England’s first permanent settlement in North America?


  1. The winter following John Smith’s departure was called what?

“The Starving Time”

  1. What does the holiday of Thanksgiving commemorate?

The Pilgrims’ celebration of their good fortune/Squanto’s help

  1. Describe the climate of New England.

Short warm summers and long snowy winters

  1. Why did Puritans leave England?

To escape religious persecution by England’s King

  1. The Puritans founded their colony to assure freedom of worship for whom?


  1. Which four states made up the Middle Colonies?

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

  1. How did Pennsylvania’s founders differ from Massachusetts founders?

Unlike the Puritans, Quakers believed in religious toleration.

  1. Why did the English establish a colony on Roanoke Island?

To provide new markets for English products and raw materials for English industries

  1. The Pilgrims who came to North America in 1620 were also known as?


  1. Which Middle colony began as a Dutch settlement?

New York

  1. Describe the climate of the southern colonies.

Warm and humid

  1. Why did Powhatan turn against the Jamestown settlers?

The settlers raided Native American villages for food

  1. In 1689 what did King William and Queen Mary do?

Signed the English Bill of Rights

  1. Who had the right to vote in the English colonies?

White men only

  1. The Zenger case helped establish what right?

Freedom of the Press

  1. How did some colonists get around the Navigation Acts?


  1. In colonial times, how did a young man often learn a trade?

By becoming an apprentice

  1. What percentage of enslaved Africans died or committed suicide during the Middle Passage?


  1. How did the southern gentry usually educate their children?

Hired private tutors

  1. What schools today would compare to Puritan grammar schools?

High School

  1. Who published the Pennsylvania Gazette?

Ben Franklin

  1. What was Montesquieu’s contribution to ideas about government?

The idea of separation of powers

  1. The Magna Carta was the first document to do what?

Place limits on an English rulers’ power

  1. Unlike today’s public schools, colonial public schools included instruction in what area?


  1. At around what age were colonial children expected to begin working?


  1. What was the main reason why colonial authorities wrote slave codes?

To control slaves for fear of a slave revolt

  1. Who wrote Poor Richard’s Almanack?

Ben Franklin

Know the following people and terms:

  1. Anne Hutchinson-Check Vocab/People

  2. Gentry-the highest level of colonial society, their numbers were few but they were powerful

  3. Thomas Hooker-Check Vocab/People

  4. Proprietary Colony- Check Vocab/People

  5. Royal Colony- Check Vocab/People

  6. Maryland’s 1649 Act of Toleration- Check Vocab/People (Lord Baltimore)

  7. Mason Dixon Line-The border established between Pennsylvania and Maryland-became the dividing line between North and South

  8. James Oglethorpe- Check Vocab/People

  9. Great Awakening-see Ch.4 Note taking study Guide

  10. Anne Bradstreet-America’s first published poet

  11. Jonathan Edwards-preacher who was one of the leaders of The Great Awakening

  12. Indentured servants-one who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange for ocean passage to the colonies

  13. Apprentice-On the job training for those learning a trade

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