Chapter Seven Self-test

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Chapter Seven Self-test

Take the following self-test as many times as needed to master chapter content. Included page numbers will enable you to check your responses.

1)  The population of Texas between 1870 and 1890 was disproportionately:

a)  young and female.

b)  young and male.

c)  urbanized.

d)  black male southerners.

Hint:  page 181

2) George Wilkins Kendall, a New Orleans journalist, made the first efforts to create a profitable ranch with herds of:

a) horses

b) cows

c) sheep

d) bison

Hint:  page 183

3) Ranchers used this to divide the range into pastures:

a) rope

b) chain-link fences

c) barbed-wire fences

d) picket fences

Hint:  page 182–183

4)  What was the overriding factor in the defeat of the Plains Indians and disruption of their traditional lifestyle?

a)  the introduction of the horse

b)  the demise of the buffalo

c)  the end of the cattle drive

d)  the introduction of sheep and goats into the same grasslands.

Hint:  page 188

5)  All of the following were examples of the conflict between Mexican Americans and Anglos in the late part of the 19th century EXCEPT:

a) the Salt War of 1877

b)  the abortive revolutionary stirrings led by Catarino Garza in 1891-1892

c)  the Laredo Riots of 1886 and 1899

d)  the Rio Grande City Riot of 1888

Hint:  pages 185

6) Norris Wright Cuney led the Republican party of Texas after the death of:

a)  Lawrence Sullivan Ross

b)  Thomas L. Nugent

c)  Edmund J. Davis

d)  William H. Hamman

Hint:  page 207

7)  Which statement about the Greenback party is NOT true? 

a) The Greenback party was the first third-party challenge to Democratic political hegemony.

b) The Greenback party advocated an income tax, direct election of U.S. senators and the secret ballot while courting “fusion” with the Republican party.

c) The Greenback party sought railroad regulation, elimination of convict leasing, and the wholesale elimination of useless state government offices in Texas.

d) The Greenback party argued that taking the country off of the gold standard had led to exorbitant interest rates, ongoing deflation of the currency and inflation.

Hint:  pages 208–210

8)  Railroads in Texas were subsidized in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

a)  public bonds

b)  private subscriptions

c)  generous municipal and state land grants

d)  sale of the public domain to speculators who in turn sold it for profit to railroad entrepreneurs.

Hint:  pages 187–188

9) In 1874, the Democratic legislature resurrected this group to replace the state police force.

a) Texian Army

b) Rangers

c) Regulators

d) Border Patrol

Hint:  pages 186–187

10) The rail network enabled the development of the lumber industry—especially in what region of the state?

a) East Texas

b) North Texas

c) West Texas

d) South Texas

Hint:  pages 192–193

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