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Chapter 18: Managing Change


Chapter Scan

Organizations have to keep pace with current issues related to quality, technology, diversity, globalization, and ethics. This requires managing both change and resistance to change. All organizations experience external and internal forces for change. There are numerous organization development interventions available to managers. Diagnosis and needs analysis are essential first steps in any change management effort.


After reading this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

1. Identify the major external and internal forces for change in organizations.

2. Define the terms incremental change, strategic change, transformational change, and change agent.

3. Describe the major reasons individuals resist change, and discuss methods organizations can use to manage resistance.

4. Apply force field analysis to a problem.

5. Explain Lewin's organizational change model.

6. Describe the use of organizational diagnosis and needs analysis as a first step in organizational development.

  1. Discuss the major organization development interventions.

8. Identify the ethical issues that must be considered in organization development efforts.

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