Chapter Questions Book I the Shimerdas Part VIII

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My Antonia Chapter Questions
Book I – The Shimerdas - Part VIII

  1. What financial difficulty do the Russians fall into at the beginning of the chapter?

  2. What unfortunate event happens to Pavel that makes him ill?

  3. When Antonia tells Jim Pavel’s story, who do we find out Peter and Pavel drove on the sledge?

  4. What is Pavel’s idea to survive the wolves chasing the sleigh?

  5. What ends up happening to the bride and groom?

  6. What happens afterwards to Peter and Pavel?

Book I – The Shimerdas – Part IX

  1. What does Jim do with Antonia and Yulka in this chapter?

  2. Provide two facts we learn about Otto.

  3. Provide two facts we learn about Jake.

  4. What happened to Otto when he was on the boat from Austria to America?

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