Chapter One Study Guide

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ARTS 104 Study Guides

Instructor: Jessica Walton

Chapter One Study Guide

  1. How does your book attempt to define art? What is your definition of art?

  2. Has the concept of art throughout time remained static or is it constantly evolving from time to time and place to place? Give some artistic examples from Chapter 1 to back up your ideas on this.

  3. What is artistic media? What are some examples of artistic media used in the visual examples in Chapter 1?

  4. How could Marcel Duchamp’s The Fountain (figure 1.4) be considered a work of art?

  5. What is aesthetics?

  6. How is Polykleitos’ Doryphoros sculpture(figure 1.6) an example of idealism for the ancient Greeks?

  7. How do art historians, art critics, etc. determine aesthetic quality?

  8. Compare and contrast the work of Bouguereau and Vincent Van Gogh? How is the example of Van Gogh and Bougeureau a good example of how cultural aesthetics and value can change over time?

  9. How does your book attempt to define Fine Art, Kitsch, and Crafts? Give several examples of each. What do you thing about these distinctions?

Download 109.82 Kb.

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