Chapter learning Guide – Political Geography Key Issue – Where Are States Located?

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Case Study France
24. Describe the internal political organization of France in the box below. France Internal Political Organization
25. Why are boundaries of legislative districts occasionally redrawn How often is this done in the US
26. How is this type of boundary redrawing different in the US. than in Europe
27. What is gerrymandering?
28. What are the three types of gerrymandering Explain them.
29. How is gerrymandering combined with ethnicity for political use

Chapter 8 Learning Guide – Political Geography

Key Issue 3 – Why Do States Cooperate With Each Other
Pgs. 257 – 260
Political & Military Cooperation
1. When was the United Nations established By whom
2. Identify the reason for which membership in the UN grew significantly in each of the following periods.
1955 1960 s
3. Who are the five permanent members of the Security Council?
4. Identify some of the problems the UN faces as it attempts to operate and influence world affairs.
5. Why is the idea of two superpowers a relatively new one
6. Define balance of power:
7. Describe the purpose of NATO.

8. Describe the purpose of the former “Warsaw Pact” countries.
9. List 3 facts about the OSCE (Organization on Security & Cooperation in Europe.
10. Complete the chart on notable nonmilitary regional organizations. Regional Organization Members Purpose OAS (Organization of American States) AU (African Union) The Commonwealth

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