Chapter learning Guide – Political Geography Key Issue – Where Are States Located?

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Shapes of States
2. Complete the chart based on your reading. The text gives examples of African
countries that you should provide (map pg. 250). Shapes Examples Compact Greatest advantage

Elongated Biggest problem

Prorupted Reason for prorupting the shape of a state

Perforated How is the perforator state dependent on the

Fragmented Different kinds

3. Define landlocked state:
4. Where are most of the world’s landlocked states
5. Why there
6. What problems do landlocked states have
Shade and label all 15 of Africa’s landlocked states.

Types of Boundaries
8. Define physical boundary:
9. Define cultural boundary:
10. Complete the chart below to describe the advantages of each type of physical boundary. Deserts Mountains Water
11. What are three types of cultural boundaries that have often been used Give an example of each type of cultural boundary and describe.

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