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Act of Law Enforcing Agency

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4.1.1 Act of Law Enforcing Agency
The arrested person is being victim of serious torture by police or RAB. As for example, the arrest of Mr. Asraful who was arrested by Detective Branch (DB) police in 16 November 2012 and presented to court on 20 November. But in this period of 4 days, he was physically tortured by DB police. Another example is arrest of Mr. Kamal in Dr. Narayon Chandro murder case, who presented to court after passing 2 days of his arrest. After his bail, he complained to the journalist, RAB physically torture him for giving confession of murder. In most of the cases, common people are being victim of law enforcing agency’s illegal acts who are weak politically or economically. “In many cases, family members complain that victims died after being arrested by RAB and not in encounters as RAB claimed. It said RAB allegedly killed more than 700

people and injured or tortured scores more since its formation in 2004. Former detainees also told how they were routinely tortured in custody, suffering beatings, food and sleep deprivation, and electric shocks. The authorities failed to investigate these incidents credibly. Referring to the case of Jhalakati college student Limon Hossain, who was shot in the leg by RAB officers on 23 March, RAB officials alleged that he was a member of a criminal gang and that he was injured when RAB officers returned fire after the gang shot at them. Limon Hossain said he was alone, bringing cattle home, when RAB personnel arrested and shot him. The conclusions of a separate government inquiry never made public reportedly confirmed his claim. The police charged Limon with trying to kill RAB officers.

Instead that, Abdul Kadar, a Dhaka University student, who was recently tortured and arrested on trumped-up charges on his way home from his sister’s house. He said police beat him and used sticks and sharp objects to make him confess to crimes, that he did not commit. He was charged with possessing lethal weapons, robbery and carjacking, then put in jail. Following the interference of Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman (Chairman NHRC) and campaigns by the media and rights activists, the high court ordered him to be released on 3 August after 18 days in illegal detention. He was not served water while he was crying out in pain and was not taken to hospital even 18 hours after his arrest. As a signatory of the UN Convention against Torture, Bangladesh’s government takes a hard line on torture on paper, but each year there are more stories like Kadar’s or worse.

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