Chapter Five Questions: Canada’s Role in World War 2 Define the following

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Chapter Five Questions: Canada’s Role in World War 2
Define the following: Fascism, Totalitarianism, Appeasement, Munich Agreement, Zombie
Part One: Answer the following:

  1. How did Canadian attitudes toward war in 1939 compare to those in 1918?

  2. What is the BCATP? What contributions did it make to the war effort?

  3. What led the United States to declare war on Japan? Why do you think this is important?

  4. What did military strategists hope to achieve at the port of Dieppe? What were the results?

  5. What was Operation Overlord? When did it occur?

  6. What were the significant events of the War in the Pacific?

  7. What factors led to the largest birthrate in Canadian History? (Baby boomers)

  8. Was there conscription in WW2? Explain.

  9. What were the Japanese Internment Camps? Why were the Japanese targeted? Were any other groups targeted? What does this say about Canada at this time?

  10. What was Canada’s reaction to Jewish immigration during WW2?

Part Two: Answer the following:

  1. When did Germany attack Poland? ________________

  2. When did France fall _________________ and who joined Germany’s side of the war? _________________

  3. Canada’s navy was the _________largest in the world.

  4. Who transported supplies to Europe from Canada? _________________________

  5. The Royal Canadian air force were the ________ largest in the world.

  6. What was the RCAF training plan?

  7. What was Germany’s air force called? _______________________

  8. What happened at Dunkirk?

  9. 1941, Japan attacked _____________________.

  10. What happened at Dieppe?

  11. Were the Canadians successful in defending Hong Kong? _____________

  12. Name the 2 places that the USA bombed in Japan. ______________ & ________________

  13. What was the National Resources Mobilization Act?

  14. What was the result of the referendum?

French vote was? ______% no and English vote was? _______ % yes

  1. Explain the War Measures Act.

  2. What formed in 1945 that became the global organization for peace? ___________________

  3. What was Canada the first to do in 1947?

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