Chapter 9, Sections 1-3 starting on page 296

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Editorial: Life in the Industrial Age
Chapter 9, Sections 1-3 starting on page 296
Part I: Read & take basic notes on the Red Topics below-

  • New Industrial Powers Emerge

  • Technology Sparks Industrial Growth

  • Transportation & Communication Advances

  • Business takes a new Direction

  • Medicine Contributes to the Population Explosion

  • City Life Changes

  • The Working Class Advances

  • A New Social Order Arises

  • Women Work for Rights

  • Growth of Public Education

  • Science takes New Directions

  • Religion in an Urban Age

  • Part II: Write about Industrialization

Option A: Write about the Industrial Revolution

    • Write an editorial explaining your knowledge of the I.R.

    • Make sure to write it as if you live during the mid-1800s

    • Take a stance- is it a good thing or bad? Although you will explain both sides, you must argue that it is better or worse. (this is NOT an essay)

    • It should be approximately one full page typed. Use New York Times editorials from class as an example. You can also search for more examples online or click on the links below.

    • Follow the rubric below

Title for editorial


Paragraph 1- background and shows intent of paper

Positive Effects

Paragraph 2- clearly explains the effects with examples

Negative effects

Paragraph 3- clearly explains the effects with examples

Conclusion & Suggestions for Improvement

Paragraph 4 – whether you argue it was good or bad, at the time of the 1850s there are still may aspects that could be improved, explain here & conclude

Option B: Write about Industrialism in modern times

    • Although the editorial is opinionated, it should include facts to support your opinion.

    • You may choose a specific country or topic or company to focus on for this topic.

    • Example ideas:

      • Arguing that Industrialization is good for a country, most citizens, and the world, regardless of environmental impact and/or pressures put on the lower class.

      • Discuss the effects on the environment, Pollution of air/water/our health, need for the Green Revolution, etc…

      • Arguing that Industrialization is inhumane, business owners make their money on the backs of the working lower class who risk their health and sanity without proper compensation.

Editorial Examples:

Who are you writing to? Who are you? When is this? Modern or back in the 19th century?

London Herald Editorials

March 1, 2011

Clear catchy title to get to the point and get people to read!!!!
ou cannot have your cake and eat it too.

By Leah Young

I hate all these people who complain about the environment, pollution, gas prices, poverty, woman’s rights, education, costs, and war yet they are the same people who drive SUVs, do not donate to NPOs, do not vote, do not write their congressional representative, do not recycle, I could go on and on. You know these people. The people who think they can have their cake and eat it too. You cannot love your ipod and complain about globalization.
With progress come problems. With a bigger job-title comes more responsibility. With industrialization comes pollution, cut-throat completion, lower priced goods, strawberries in winter, sushi in Kansas, 2-Pac downloads in Japan, and the nibble fingers of seven year olds picking your Dunkin-Donuts coffee beans in Kenya. Are you willing to pay more America? No. So deal with it. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You …etc …………….
I just made this all up quickly to show an example. However this editorial needs more dates, facts, and/or statistics to prove my point.
Your editorial should be catchy, interesting, and should almost sway someone to your “side.” Be passionate, be bold, use great vocab.
Break up your thoughts/examples in smaller, easy to read paragraphs.
In total, this editorial should be one solid page in length.. maybe a little longer, not too much shorter.
I tried to take a different stance in my editorial. Justifying industrialism because we all love it so. However, your sides are clearly outlined in the directions. You can write it from the modern times or pretend you are living during the American or British industrialization.
Make sure to have a concluding sentence/paragraph. Make it fun to read!

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