Chapter 9 Section 4 I. Working in the United States

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D. The Haymarket Riot caused the popularity of the Knights of Labor to decline. A nationwide strike was called to show support of an eight-hour workday. A clash in Chicago left one striker dead. The next evening, a meeting at Haymarket Square was scheduled to protest the killing. Someone threw a bomb. In the end, seven police and four more workers were killed. Although no one ever knew who threw the bomb, one man arrested was a member of the Knights of Labor. This hurt the reputation of the organization, and people began dropping out.
E. In 1893 railroad workers created the American Railway Union (ARU). They unionized the Pullman Palace Car Company in Illinois. After a recession caused the company to cut wages, a boycott of Pullman cars occurred across the United States. It tied up the railroads and threatened the economy. To end the boycott, U.S. mail cars were attached to Pullman cars. Refusing to handle a Pullman car would result in tampering with the mail, a violation of federal law. After a federal court ordered the boycott stopped, the strike and the ARU both ended.

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