Chapter 9: legal considerations III. Claims G. Assets that are not General Assets, Special Deposits and Letters of Credit

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(e) Transfers between a separate account and other accounts may create issues in a receivership. Under the NAIC Model Variable Contract Law, such transfers are subject to restrictions, and the Commissioner may approve transfers that are not "inequitable". Because the Model Law states that pertinent provisions of insurance law apply to separate accounts, except as otherwise provided, the provisions of a receivership act regarding voidable transfers and preferences may be applicable to such transfers.

C. Guidelines
The following identifies the issues, documents and material a receiver should focus on immediately if faced with a troubled insurance company ("TIC") that issued Variable Products or SEC Registered Products. In addition, a receiver should collaborate with guaranty associations (through NOLHGA in multi-state insolvency) and ensure that they are involved as soon as practical regarding registered products that may be eligible for guaranty association coverage, especially with respect to compliance, operational, and other issues arising from the possible continuation of coverage of such products.

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