Chapter 9: legal considerations III. Claims G. Assets that are not General Assets, Special Deposits and Letters of Credit

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Suspension of Sales

In liquidation, the insurer ceases selling and stops accepting premium on all policies and contracts. The SEC staff has previously issued no-action letters in connection with the rehabilitations of Confederation Life and Mutual Benefit Life confirming it would not pursue an enforcement action for violation of the federal securities laws where, among other things, the receiver stopped accepting any new premium under existing Variable Products and stopped filing amendments to the registration statements governing the Variable Products and separate account (e.g., filing updated prospectus) with the SEC after the Rehabilitation Order had been entered in reliance on the prior SEC no-action letter in Great–West Life and Annuity Insurance Company (avail. Oct. 23, 1990). See Aetna Life Insurance and Annuity Company, Confederation Life Insurance and Annuity Company in Rehabilitation (avail. Sept. 15, 1995). A receiver would be well-advised to consult with experienced legal counsel to determine whether the circumstances they face permit reliance on these letters or other applicable relief already provided by SEC staff. If the receiver decides it cannot comply with any federal securities law requirements because any Variable Products and/or Other SEC Registered Products remain registered securities under the 1933 Act and the separate account, if registered, remains registered as an “investment company” under the 1940 Act, the receiver should consult with experienced legal counsel and then SEC staff. Note that suspending acceptance of premiums under Variable and other SEC Registered Products raises disclosure issues under the federal securities laws, that is whether the insurer had adequately disclosed previously to those considering purchasing the contract that it had reserved the right to take that action in the future.

General guidance: If the insurer suspends sales, receivers should consult with experienced legal counsel regarding the need to obtain a no action letter from SEC staff regarding not filing updated registration statements and issuing updated prospectuses.

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