Chapter 8 The New Republic Faces a New Century 1800-1815

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Chapter 8 The New Republic Faces a New Century 1800-1815

  1. Explain how the concepts of evangelicalism and millennialism are related to the second great awakening.

  1. What religion benefits most from the revivals and why?

  1. Explain the beliefs of the Shakers

  1. What do the Shakers and the Society of the Public Universal Friend have in common?

  1. Who is Handsome Lake? Explain his significance.

  1. Explain how Handsome Lake’s view on acculturation differs from the Shawnee Prophet.

  1. Explain the abolition process in the north.

  1. Explain the role of the Church for freed African Americans in the north.

  1. Explain the significance of St. Domingue Island.

  1. What percentage of the south was African American?

  1. Explain the significance of Gabriel’s Rebellion?

  1. What is the convention of 1800, and how did it benefit Thomas Jefferson?

  1. What did Jefferson stress in his inaugural address?

  1. Explain how the election of 1800 passed a crucial test.

  1. Explain how Jefferson’s Democratic Republican ideals impacted the growth of Washington D.C.

  1. TJ’s Cabinet

  1. Sec of State.

  1. Sec. of Treasury

  1. Sec. of War

  1. Sec. of Navy

  1. Att. General

  1. Explain the Midnight Appointments.

  1. Explain the budget cuts and tax policies of the Republicans

  1. Explain Jefferson’s relationship with the Judiciary Branch

  1. What did Marbury vs. Madison establish?

  1. What factors led to Federalists voting for Jefferson?

  1. Explain the significance of the election 1804.

  1. Explain the LA Purchase in terms of rights given to those within the territory.

  1. Explain Jefferson’s view of the LA Purchase and its impact on western farmers.

  1. Explain the conflict between Spain and the US

  1. Why were Lewis and Clark selected to explore the LA purchase?

  1. Who is Agent 13?

  1. Why did the US want to make alliances with the Natives out west?

  1. Explain the relationship of the US and Spanish Texas.

  1. Explain the impact Chief Justice Marshall had on the Burr Conspiracy Case.

  1. Why did Jefferson pass the Embargo act of 1807?

  1. What was the Giles’ Enforcement Act?

  1. Explain the impact of the Embargo Act of 1807.

  1. What successes did TJ have as president?

  1. Explain the impact of Dolley Payne Madison.

  1. Explain why the French were no longer a threat.

  1. What two reasons drove the US to war with England?

  1. What was the Treaty of Fort Wayne 1809 and its impact?

  1. Who were the Red Sticks?

  1. How did many interpret the Battle of Tippecanoe?

  1. Who are John C Calhoun and Henry Clay, and how did they differ from previous Democratic Republicans?

  1. Why was the military ill prepared upon the war of 1812?

  1. Why did the US choose to attack Canada?

  1. Why did the US loose at the Battle of Queenston?

  1. How did the war at sea impact the public perception of the war?

  1. Explain Andrew Jackson’s role at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, and its significance.

  1. What did the British do to Washington DC?

  1. Who is Francis Scott Key?

  1. What did the Hartford Convention stand for?

  1. What factors lead to the Treaty of Ghent?

  1. What did the Treaty of Ghent establish?

62.Who lead the US at the Battle of the New Orleans, what was ironic about the battle?

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