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Chapter 8 TEST Review Name:__KEY_____________________________

1. What factors account for why the U.S. navy defeated the British in the War of 1812? positioning of the ships

2. Why did the attempts made by the U.S. army to invade Canada fail? soldiers argued they didn’t have to fight on foreign soil
3. Who served as president of the United States during the War of 1812? James Madison
4. Study the map below and answer the question that follows. Look for map on test

5. Why did War Hawks called for war against Britain? Because British had backed the Native American rebellions

6. Why was Spain eager to trade the Louisiana territory and New Orleans to France? It was impossible to keep Americans out of the area
7. What was the effect of the Embargo Act passed by Congress in 1807? international trade was banned

8. Why were U.S. officials worried by Tecumseh’s actions ? he was backed by the British

9. Which territory belonged to Spain until 1802? Louisiana

10. One way in which Thomas Jefferson’s supporters criticized Federalist candidate John Adams in the election of 1800 was by hinting that Adams would use the new permanent army to limit citizens’ rights

11. Proposed by Congress after the Election of 1800, what did the Twelfth Amendment accomplish? created a separate ballot for president and vice president
12. What did The Treaty of Fort Jackson do? force the Creek to give up millions of acres of land

13. As the result of which activity did the United States find itself involved in the war between Britain and France that erupted in 1803? shipping goods and war supplies to both countries

14. What did Zebulon Pike’s exploration accomplish? it helped to outline the Louisiana Territory’s western border with New Spain.

15. Thomas Jefferson lowered spending in order to repay the national debt. Why did this policy arguably weakened the United States’ position in relation to the British? reduced the size of the active navy

16. What were the effects of the War of 1812? it strengthened patriotism among Americans

17. What is judicial review? the power of the judiciary to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional

18. What were Lewis and Clark supposed to be looking for? a river route across the west to the Pacific

19. What was a major theme of Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address? protecting civil rights

20. The Lewis and Clark expedition was undertaken in order to explore the Louisiana Purchase, to learn about the plants and animals of the West, and to attempt to find a route to the Pacific ocean

21. What were young members of Congress that called for a trade war against Britain called? War Hawks

22. What was an effect of the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811? Tecumseh lost faith in a great Indian confederation

23. A voter in 1800 might have cast his ballot against the Democratic-Republicans for which of the following reasons? (why didn’t they like them?) The Dem/Rep. candidate was a threat to organized religion

24. Who was John Marshall? Chief justice who wrote the opinion in Marbury v. Madison and was appointed by John Adams.

25. Why was the victory in the Battle of New Orleans important for the United States? it prevented the British from taking control of the Mississippi River

26. What thought led New England Federalists to oppose the war against Britain? Good relations with the British were essential to the health of New England’s economy.

27. What did the Treaty of Ghent accomplish? it ended the War of 1812

28. What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison? It established the Supreme Court’s power to check other branches of the government.

29. Why was the Hartford Convention ineffective? The war ended before the delegates could reach Washington , DC.

30. Which city did the British attack after their ranks were reinforced in April of 1814 ? Washington, DC

31. Who said, “I have given England a rival who, sooner or later, will humble her pride,” and in what context? Napoleon Bonaparte about the Louisiana Purchase

32. Which of the following brought about the increase in trade in New Orleans in the early 1800s? the annexation of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio
33. Which Federalist policy did President Jefferson keep when he took office in 1801? creation of the Bank of the United States

34. In the opinion of the U.S. leaders, what was the last straw in Britain’s breach of U.S. neutrality during the British-French conflict? the British stopped American ships to take deserted sailors back by force.

35. The Battle of the Thames River was significant for what reason? ended British power in the Northwest Territory.

36. How did Britain’s military forces gain strength in April of 1814? Britain defeated France and sent more troops to America

37. Why did The Embargo Act fail? it caused American merchants to lose money and had little effect on Britain and France.

38. Why did Britain decide to support Native Americans against the United States? to reduce westward expansion in the US

39. Why did Napoléon Bonaparte decide to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States? needed to reinforce the French military in the war against the British
40. Why was The Louisiana Purchase was significant to the United States? it nearly doubled the size of the US

41. Why would a voter in 1800 might have cast his ballot against the Democratic-Republicans? because their candidate was possibly against organized religion.

42. Who led American forces to victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe? William Henry Harrrison
43 Who led the U.S. at the Battle of Lake Erie? Who won? Oliver Hazzard Perry, the US won

44. Why did Spain decided to sell Louisiana to France? because Spain couldn’t keep American settlers from moving into Louisiana

45. What did The Non-Intercourse Act do? banned trade with Britain, France and their colonies

46. After a British navy ship targeted an American navy ship in 1807, Great Britain’s violations of U.S. neutrality resulted in the what? The Embargo Act

47. According to Thomas Jefferson, what was a primary task of the federal government ? to deliver the mail
48. Jefferson lowered spending in order to repay the national debt. How did this affect the military? it reduced the army and navy
49. True or false Some legislators who fought for war against Britain did so because they were from the South and West, and wanted to put a stop to British influence on American Indian groups on the frontier.
50. Who said, “I have given England a rival who, sooner or later, will humble her pride.” When? Why:? Napoleon in reference to the Louisiana purchase

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