Chapter 7 Honors us history 1 Define the following terms

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Chapter 7 Honors US History 1

Define the following terms:

Republican virtues

Mobile society

Second Great Awakening



Adams Onis Treaty


Manifest destiny

Mountain man

Oregon Trail

California Gold Rush

Ghost town

Great Plains


Texas War for Independence

Battle of the Alamo
7.1 Life in the New Nation- graphic organizer

  • Complete the chart below with examples of cultural, religious, and social changes of the early 1800s.




7.1 reading check questions

  1. How did Noah Webster contribute to the advancement of education?

  2. What virtues did the American people think were needed in the new republic?

  3. To what extent had American attitudes toward the role of women in society changed from colonial times to the early 1800s?

  4. What kinds of social changes did the republic experience in its early days?

  5. Why did many women become actively involved in the religious movement of the 1800s?

  6. What effect did African Americans joining Christian churches have on religious services?

People- Who am I?

Mercy Otis Warren

Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Banneker

Charles Wilson Peale

Phillis Wheatley

Noah Webster

Susanna Haswell Rowson

James Hall

Brigham Young

Stephen Austin

Sam Houston

Daniel Boone

Luis de Onis

John Sutter

7.2 Target Reading Skill

  • Fill in the chart below with descriptions of American settlement in each of the following regions.


Description of American Settlement


Oregon Country



Complete 7.2 assessment page 256 #1-4 and 6
7.3 Target Reading Skill

  • Give 3 example of how each of the following was affected by settlers and trade in the early 1800s.

  1. Native American Life

  1. Hispanic North America

  1. Texas

Answer the following questions:

  1. What events triggered the Texas War for Independence? How did the war end?

  2. Write a paragraph explaining how Mexican Independence from Spain affected California, New Mexico and Texas.

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