Chapter 6 Review Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger

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Chapter 6 Review

  1. Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger

It prevented them from moving west into the Ohio River Valley in search of land.

  1. How did colonists react to the Stamp Act?

They protested, sometimes violently, and called for its repeal.

  1. What was the goal of secret societies such as the Sons of Liberty?

To oppose British policies and organize protests.

  1. What were the two sides in the debate over British taxation of the colonies?

The British felt the colonies should pay taxes to cover colonial expenses. The colonists said no taxes without consent and feared, once begun, the taxation might never stop.
5.) Why did colonists oppose the Townshend Acts?
Because the acts suspended the New York assembly, imposed new taxes and called for the use of writs of assistance.
6.) Why were the British troops sent to Boston?
To keep order after the riot over the merchant ship Liberty.
7.) What prompted the Boston Tea Party?

The Tea Act of 1773.
8.) Do you think colonial outrage over the Boston

Massacre was justified? Explain.

Justified: Soldiers have no right to fire on unarmed citizens.

Not Justified: The soldiers were acting in self-defense.

9.) Why did Britain pass the Intolerable Acts?

To punish the Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.
10.) Who took part in the First Continental


Delegates from all the colonies except Georgia.
11.) What was the purpose of the “midnight

To warn Lexington and Concord that British troops were coming.

12.) Do you think the fighting between Britain

and the colonies could have been avoided?

Why or why not?
Each side believed it was right; there was

little room for compromise; tensions had been building.

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