Chapter 6-8 Review American Revolution People, Places and Ideas

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Chapter 6-8 Review

American Revolution

People, Places and Ideas. The following items will be part of the multiple choice questions. The people listed will also assist you with your essays.

Identify and state the historical significance of the following:

Benjamin Franklin

Samuel Adams

John Adams

John Hancock

Chief Pontiac

King Louis XVI

Marquis de Lafayette

King George III

George Washington

William Howe

Thomas Paine

John Burgoyne

Baron von Stueben

Benedict Arnold

Define and state the historical significance of the following:

Treaty of Utrecht

Seven Years War (F & I War)

Ohio Valley economic value

War of Jenkins Ear

Albany Congress 1754

New France economy

Proclamation of 1763

Colonial Home Rule

Colonial unity against Britain


“No taxation without representation”

Tea Act

Republicanism vs. Whigs

Quebec Act

Navigation Laws

Indian Relation (French, Eng, Colonies)

Sugar Act

Townshend Acts

Virtual Representation

Stamp Act

US/British Adv. and Disadv. in war

First Continental Congress

Second Continental Congress

Committees of correspondence

Model Treaty

Stamp Act Congress

Battle of Saratoga

French Aid to US

Common Sense

Declaration of Independence


Treaty of Paris 1783


Essay. Use complete sentences to fully answer each question.

Short Essay (2 will be selected)

  1. Proclamation of 1763.

  1. Military advantages and disadvantages entering the war.

  1. French and Indian War.

  1. Impact/causes of American Revolution.

Long Essay (1 Selected)

  1. Develop a timeline of events to explain the British taxation and the colonial reactions from 1765-1775. Select at least 5 details in your explanation.

  1. Evaluate the extent to which the Declaration of Independence marked a turning point in American history, analyzing what changed and what stayed the same from the period immediately before the declaration to the period immediately following it.

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