Chapter 54 Questions: The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

Chapter 56 Vocabulary: A Shirt to the Right Under Reagan

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Chapter 56 Vocabulary: A Shirt to the Right Under Reagan
Reagan Revolution
Moral Majority
New Right
Ronald Reagan
Block Grants
Supply-side economics
Federal budget deficits
National debt
“Just Say No”
New Jersey v. TLO
National Rainbow Coalition
Undocumented immigrants

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Chapter 57 Questions: Ending the Cold War

  1. What was Reagan’s speech stating on June 12th 1987?

  2. When was the Berlin Wall finally opened?

  3. What was Reagan’s crazy program of Star Wars about?

  4. What was the Reagan Doctrine?

  5. Who did the US support in Nicaragua? (Sandinistas or the Contras?)

  6. What did the US do in Grenada?

  7. The US saw their troops in Lebanon as peace keepers but many Muslim groups did not and what occurred in April 1893?

  1. Why did Reagan withdraw American troops from Lebanon, which was a setback for U.S. peacekeeping in the Middle East?

  1. List the KEY EVENTS of the Iran Contra Affair.

  2. Why did Reagan’s approval ratings drop greatly are the Iran-Contra Affair?

  3. .Who became the head of the Soviet Union in 1985?

  4. List some goods the Soviet Union faced shortages in during the 1980’s…

  5. What was Gorbachev’s economic reform perestroika?

  6. What was Gorbachev’s policy of galsnost?

  7. What rally occurred on June 12, 1982? Why?

  8. Where did all the meetings take place between Reagan and Gorbachev?

  9. What treaty was finally signed in December 1987?

  10. What was finally over after Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union dissolved?

  1. What were some surviving communist countries after the fall of the Soviet Union?

  1. What happened in June 1989 on Tiananmen Square?

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Chapter 57 Vocabulary: Ending the Cold War
Strategic Defense Initiative
Reagan Doctrine
Palestine Liberation Organization
Iran Contra Affair
Mikhail Gorbachev
Nuclear Freeze Movement
Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
Tiananmen Square
Mixed Economy

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