Chapter 54 Questions: The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

Chapter 55 Vocabulary: Politics and Society in the “Me Decade”

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Chapter 55 Vocabulary: Politics and Society in the “Me Decade”
Gerald Ford
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
National Energy Act
Jimmy Carter
Camp David Accords
SALT II Treaty
Iran Hostage Crisis
Earth Day
Clear Water Act
Safe Drinking Water Act
Acid Rain
Three Mile Island Accident
Male Chauvinist
Comparable Worth
National Women’s Political Caucus
Birth Dearth
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Chapter 56 Questions: A Shift to the Right Under Reagan

  1. What was unique about Reagan’s age as presidency?

  2. What happened to Reagan two months after taking office?

  3. What did Reagan’s conservative agenda call for?

  4. How did the Evangelical Christians gain a political voice?

  5. How was Reagan more appealing than Carter?

  6. Explain Reagan’s Supply side economics and his trickle down theory.

  7. Why did critics call this voodoo economics?

  8. How did Reagan support free enterprise?

  9. What happened to the deficit and budget during the 80’s?

  10. Who did the cuts on social welfare spending hurt the most?

  11. What did Reagan declare as public health enemy number one?

  12. How did Reagan urge American’s to Just Say No to drugs?

  13. Explain the TLO court case and why the supreme court was considered conservative during this time period?

  14. Who was the civil rights leader that was one of Reagan’s biggest critics?

  15. What reform did Reagan support through immigration.

  16. Explain the two sides of the Immigration debate…

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