Chapter 54 Questions: The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

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Chapter 54 Questions: The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

  1. What was Nixon hoping to silence in his speech as a senator in 1952?

  2. What was his speech called and why?

  3. List three events that helped Nixon win the presidential election in 1968…

  4. What was his plan called to reduce the size and power of the federal gov’t?

  5. Although Nixon did not reduce the size of the federal gov’t list three programs he created which increased the size of the federal gov’t.

  1. What was Nixon’s southern strategy?

  2. Instead of a recession the nation experienced Stagflation.. How did Nixon respond to Stagflation?

  1. Why were highway speeds reduced to 55mph?

  2. What became known as the Nixon Doctrine?

  3. Who was the Yom Kippur War between in 1973?

  4. Why was it such a big deal when President Nixon visited China? What was his goal in China?

  1. List 2 agreements the US & Soviet Union negotiated during Nixon’s presidency.

  1. How did conservative critics fell about détente and the negotiations with the Soviet Union?

  1. What happened on June 17, 1972 that started the Watergate scandal?

  2. List three ways President Nixon abused power…

  3. Who were the two Washington Post reporters that discovered the Watergate scandal from their secret informant “Deep Throat?”

  1. What happened when the senate ordered Nixon to turn over the tapes?

  2. What was the verdict of the US v Nixon Supreme Court case?

  3. Why did Nixon resign in disgrace? What did Ford issue Nixon?

  4. What do you feel was Watergate’s most important legacy

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