Chapter 5 Subcultures Multiple Choice Questions

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True/False Questions
81. A subculture is a segment of a larger culture whose members share distinguishing values and patterns of behavior.
Answer: True Page: 158 Difficulty: easy
82. Ethnic groups are the most commonly described subcultures.
Answer: True Page: 159 Difficulty: easy
83. The new Census system (i.e., the 2000 Census) has produced over 100 race categories.
Answer: False Page: 160 Difficulty: moderate
84. The relatively faster growth rate of non-European groups is due to a higher birthrate among some of these groups and to greater immigration.
Answer: True Page: 161 Difficulty: moderate
85. Asian Americans are predicted to be the fastest growing ethnic subculture in the United States between 2000 and 2020.
Answer: False Page: 162 Difficulty: moderate
86. One marketer noted that the differences in marketing to the overall market and marketing to African Americans is that the strategy does not differ, but the tactics differ.
Answer: True Page: 163 Difficulty: moderate
87. The Bureau of the Census defines Hispanic as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.
Answer: True Page: 168 Difficulty: moderate
88. Hispanics mostly speak English and prefer English-language media.
Answer: False Page: 171-172 Difficulty: moderate
89. Asian Americans are the highest educated and highest income group with substantial purchasing power.
Answer: True Page: 175 Difficulty: easy
90. Geographic concentration of the Asian American market enhances marketing efficiency.
Answer: True Page: 177 Difficulty: easy
91. The Choctaw are the largest Native American tribe.
Answer: False Page: 179 Difficulty: hard
92. India is a homogeneous country.
Answer: False Page: 180 Difficulty: moderate
93. More than 80 percent of Arab Americans are U.S. citizens.
Answer: True Page: 181 Difficulty: hard
94. America is basically a secular society.
Answer: True Page: 181 Difficulty: moderate
95. Muslims in America are culturally diverse, including Arab Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics.
Answer: True Page: 184 Difficulty: moderate

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