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  1. In 1729, North and South Carolina split. The proprietors split the colony because: It was hard to rule settlements that were so far apart.

  1. A royal colony is a colony that is ruled by the King.

  1. The first Royal Governor sent by the king to govern South Carolina was Francis Nicholson.

  1. An export is a good that is produced outside the country and sold to another.

  1. An immigrant is a person who leaved the country that they were born in to live in a new country.

  2. Why did South Carolina become unhappy with the lord proprietors?

They did not want to spend money on building forts.

  1. People who remained loyal to England were called? loyalists

  1. Name three causes of the American Revolution Slave rebellion, Intolerable act, Tea act

  1. The colonist wanted Independence from the British/England

  1. The tax on Tea and the stamp act were called? Intolerable act

  1. The group of representatives that met to discuss and workout problems that the colonies were having was called Congress.

  1. The man that saved the flag at Fort Moultrie’s was William Jasper.

  1. The Declaration of independence announced to the world that the colonist wanted to be free from England and start their own country

  1. The Declaration of Independence was approved on: July 4, 1776

  1. Who was nicknamed Gamecock? Thomas Sumter

  1. Thomas Sumter militia helped fight the British by: sneaking through the woods and swamps, attacking British camps and then disappearing back into the woods

  2. Francis Marion was called the Swamp Fox because:

His militia traveled through swamps, attacking the British at night, and then disappearing

  1. What happened during the Battle of Kings Mountain?

The patriots wouldn’t let the British surrender and the British were defeated.

  1. The battle of Kings mountain and Cowpens were important because

We weakened the British army

  1. Andrew Pickens led a group of Patriots in The battle of Cowpens

  1. What was one effect of the American Revolution:

America was a free country
A tax is money taken by the government and used to pay for something else.

  1. The people that wanted independence from England were called Patriots.

What do you know about the First Continental Congress? Meeting to discuss the problems we were having with England. Met in Philladelphia.

  1. A constitution is a set of laws.

  1. The people of Charles town surrendered to the British after the British set up a blockade so no supplies could get in out of the city.

The settlers in the back country had three major problems that did not include the taxes on tea or The Stamp Act. Name the three problems that the settlers in the backcountry had.


No Leaders

Land-belonged to the Native Americans

  1. Describe two causes of the American Revolution.

Tea Act, Boston Tea Party, Intolerable act

  1. Describe three things that happed during the Battle of Fort Moultire.

British shot a cannon and it bounced off, the flag fell but we did not surrender, and we kept fighting until we defeated the British.

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