Chapter 5 Section 3 Assessment

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Chapter 5 Section 3 Assessment

1.) How did the fur trade contribute to the French and Indian War?

As British colonists moved into the Ohio River Valley they began hunting and gathering pelts to trade with Native Americans. As the British colonists increased trade with the Native Americans this decreased the amount of trade that French Fur trappers had come to depend upon. This started conflict between the settlers.
2.) Why did the British begin to win the war after 1758?
The British began to win the war after 1758 because they had sent some of their best military commanders to the colonies. Also, they began to pay the colonists who enlisted to fight in the war.
3.) What were some causes and effects of Pontiac’s Rebellion?
Some of the causes of Pontiac’s Rebellion were the increasing number of colonists who moved into Native American land and staked a claim. Also, British soldiers did not treat the Native American’s the way that the French had which angered the Native Americans. Some of the effects of Pontiac’s Rebellion were the attacks on both colonists and Native Americans in addition to the passage of the Proclamation of 1763 which denied English colonists access to lands west of the Appalachian Mountains.
4.) Why did the French, British, and Native Americans fight over the Ohio River

Student responses will vary. Students should include in their response:

The French had settlements throughout North America and this area kept the connection between the settlements open.

The British wanted to settle in the fertile Ohio River Valley and begin trading with the Native Americans.

The Native Americans wanted to maintain their territory as they had already vacated lands to the east to make room for settlers.

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