Chapter 5 Luther, Loyola, Mobs and Massacres The Protestant and Catholic Reformation

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Chapter 5 Luther, Loyola, Mobs and Massacres

The Protestant and Catholic Reformation

During the Protestant Reformation, people tried to change some practices in the Catholic Church. Western Europe broke out in religious wars, and some countries became Protestant. The Catholic Church responded by persecuting those who criticized it from the outside and initiating reform from the inside.
Part One (pp. 69-77)

Protestant Reformation, power of Catholic Church, salvation, Desiderius Erasmus, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Protestant ideas

Pacifist, persecution, missionary


  1. Why did Martin Luther criticize the pope and bishops?

  2. Why wasn’t Luther arrested as a heretic?

  3. How can you tell that radicals were viewed as a serious threat?

  4. What form of media did reformers use to spread their ideas?

  5. How did pacifists interpret the phrase “turn the other cheek”?

  6. How did rulers benefit by breaking from the Catholic Church?


Create a CAUSE AND EFFECT Chart for describing the Protestant Reformation and its affect on Europe.

Directory: cms -> lib5 -> pa01000188 -> centricity -> domain -> 1201
1201 -> Legacies of Ancient Greece
1201 -> Many words associated with theatre have roots in Greek. Theater comes for the word
1201 -> The Celts lived in Britain during the Iron Age. The Iron Age ended in ad43 (43 years after Jesus was born) when the Romans invaded Britain. The name 'Iron Age' comes from the discovery of a new metal called iron
1201 -> Rule of Augustus
1201 -> Knights and Castles
1201 -> After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, also called the Byzantine Empire, and sometimes called "The Other Roman Empire", was flourishing
1201 -> The Catholic Church
1201 -> The period known as the Pax Romana, or "peace of Rome," began in the year 27 bc when Octavian took the throne as the Emperor Augustine, ending the period of civil wars and beginning the age of the emperors
1201 -> Julius Caesar
1201 -> King John and the Magna Carta

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