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Chapter 37 – The Eisenhower Era pps 943-971 NAME: _______________________
Be able to define the following items:
Joseph McCarthy Little Rock Arkansas Camp David

An American Dilemma SCLC 22nd Amendment

Thurgood Marshall Greensboro, NC Elvis Presley

Rosa Parks Interstate Highway Act Jim Crow

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. policy of boldness

To Secure these Rights SPUTNIK’s

Chief Justice Earl Warren ICBM

Brown v Board of Education NDEA

1. How did the domestic policies of the Eisenhower administration compare and contrast with the Roosevelt and Truman administrations?

2. How did television impact the Presidential election of 1952?

  1. How did Joseph McCarthy manipulate and control America during the 1950’s?

  1. Identify the various African American organizations that were created during the 1950s to fight segregation and racism.

  1. Why was Rosa Park's courageous stand and the resulting Montgomery bus boycott so important to the 1950s civil rights movement?

  1. How and why did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. emerge as the leader of the civil rights movement in the US in the 1950s?

  1. Why was Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka, KS such a landmark Supreme Court case? [create a case analysis sheet on the details and ramifications of this case!].

  1. What were President Eisenhower's views on civil rights [especially regarding the Brown decision]?

  1. How did President Eisenhower enforce the Brown ruling in Little Rock, AR in the summer of 1957?

  1. Explain Eisenhower's policy of "brinksmanship" and "massive retaliation" in terms of its impact on American foreign relations during the 1950s.

  1. How did the Eisenhower administration use the CIA to further its foreign policy?

  1. What were the key issues that led to the Suez War of 1956?  Why did the US side with the Soviet Union in this conflict?

  1. Why can it be said that television was central to the culture of the postwar era?  How did the medium simultaneously unify and alienate Americans?

  1. How did the Soviets unnerve America with Sputnik I and II?

  1. What types of programs characterized television's "Golden Age?"  What were the major social, political, economic, and cultural themes in those shows?

  1. How did authors during the 1950’s reflect the times and concerns of Eisenhower America?

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