Chapter 29 Civil Rights Comparison paper or 2 posters project

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Chapter 29 Civil Rights Comparison paper OR 2 POSTERS Project

Your task: Choose either the RESEARCH PAPER OR 2 POSTER PROJECT

Neatly type (preferred) or Write a 2 to 4 page comparison essay comparing the 2 civil Rights Leaders of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Counts a Project grade. Include all parts listed below for the easy A- Optional Extras mentioned can see you earn the 100! Good Luck!

To be completed over break:

Tell me about MLK and Malcolm X.... Include paragraphs of 3 to 5 sentences comparing the 2 Civil Rights leaders in each of the following areas:

1st page should include the Clever title, your name and the date the paper is due: 11/09/2015

  1. Write a paragraph and NAME a group they each led; and describe what type of people joined them.

  1. Write 1 to 2 paragraphs on what each leader’s personal their beliefs were.

Include each of these: could they work with or include white people in their groups? What religion di they follow? Did they believe in staying non-violent always? Who was an inspiration to each leader?

  1. One to 2 paragraphs briefly describing 2 to 3 events in the lives of each of the 2 civil rights leaders.

  1. Write/or/type a final paragraph explaining whom you would rather join if you were a Civil Rights Protestor in the 1960s and why choose the way you did...

5. Include a Final Page Labeled: “Bibliography” listing the URLs for at least 2 sources you used to find info for your comparison research paper. NO WIKIPEDIA!!!!

Optional Extras: You can include photos of each man at some of their Key events or famous Quotes by them ect.

Consult the PROJECT RUBRIC on the class web page for how this assignment will be graded.
Alternate PROJECT You can do this INSTEAD OF THE RESEARCH PAPER: MAKE A CIVIL RIGHTS COMPARISON POSTER, DIVIDE IT IN HALF in some clever fashion…, Each side will be for each leader which INLCUDES all of the ABOVE info. Posters MUST have at least 2 picture or PHOTOS of MLK and Malcolm X EACH.

In place of paragraphs you can NEATLY LIST or use “Bullets” for Information found. Sentences not required but all spelling counts.


At the bottom of POSTER STATE whom you would join and why….

Still must include at least 2 URLs of where you find the info for each leader. NO WIKIPEDIA!


Same RUBRIC applies for grading.

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