Chapter 22 Study Guide The fate of the Confederate leaders after 1865 was?

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Chapter 22 Study Guide
1. The fate of the Confederate leaders after 1865 was?
2. Describe the South after the war.
3. At the end of the Civil War, how did many white Southerners feel?
4. Describe freedom for Southern blacks at the end of the Civil War.
5. For blacks, emancipation meant what?
6. What did southern blacks begin doing in 1865?
7. Who were the "Exodusters", and why did they falter?
8. The greatest achievements of the Freedmen's Bureau were?
9. The white South viewed the Freedmen's Bureau as?
10. In President Andrew Johnson's view, the Freedmen's Bureau was what?
11. As vice president, Andrew Johnson had advocated what?
12. As a politician, Andrew Johnson developed a reputation for what?
13. Describe the controversy surrounding the Wade-Davis Bill and the readmission of the Confederate states to the Union.
14. Describe Lincoln's 10 percent plan for Reconstruction.
15. Describe the view of congressional Republicans on Reconstruction.
16. Describe President Johnson's plan for Reconstruction.
17. What was the main purpose of the Black Codes?
18. Give some examples of some Black Codes.
19. The Black Codes seemed to indicate what to Northerners?
20. What was one of the most troubling aspects of the Southern states' restoration to congressional Republicans?
21. Describe why Johnson vetoed the Freedman’s Bureau bill and what the reaction was.
22. Which was the first ex-Confederate state to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment and thus be readmitted to the Union under congressional Reconstruction?
23. Define the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments.
25. Describe the 1866 congressional elections.
26. What was the basis for the battle between Congress and President Andrew Johnson?
27. Both moderate and radical Republicans agreed on what?
28. When did Radical congressional Reconstruction of the South end?
30. Why were many feminist leaders disappointed with the Fourteenth Amendment?
31. What was the Union League?
32. Describe the new political roles which African-American women assumed during Reconstruction.
33. Define: scalawags, carpetbaggers, and freedmen
34. What did Radical Reconstruction state governments accomplish?
35. Describe political corruption during Reconstruction.
36. Describe some of the methods used by Ku Klux Klan members to achieve their goal of white supremacy.
37. What were some of the goals of the Ku Klux Klan?
38. What was the direct cause of Congress's impeachment of President Johnson and attempt to remove him from office?
39. What was Secretary of State Seward’s greatest achievement?
40. What were reasons the Senate voted to acquit President Andrew Johnson?
41. How could Reconstruction have been more successful?
42. What were some of the controversies involved in Reconstruction?
43. Describe the role of the Freedmen's Bureau.
44. Why was Andrew Johnson made Lincoln's running mate in 1864?
45. Outline the radical Republicans plan for Reconstruction.
46. Why did Congress object to the readmission of Southern states to the Union under Johnson's plan?
47. Congressional Reconstruction hoped to provide basic rights for the former slaves in the South through what legislation?
48. Who were the Radical Republican leaders in Congress?
49. What were Southern states required to do under congressional Reconstruction?
50. Describe the accomplishments of most "radical" Reconstruction regimes in the South.
51. What were the legacies of the Reconstruction effort?

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