Chapter 21 Section 1 a new Kind of Revolution

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Chapter 21 Section 1

A New Kind of Revolution

Industrial Revolution

enclosure movement

factors of production

cottage industry



Jethro Tull

Richard Arkwright

James Watt

Robert Fulton

Frances Cabot Lowell


  1. Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? What 5 factors made this possible?

  1. What mineral did the British burn to power factories? How many miles of canals were there by 1800?

  1. What invention had the unfortunate effect of making slavery more profitable? Who was the inventor?

  1. Who was John Kay? What did he invent? What happened to him?

  1. Who was Richard Trevithick?

  1. What were some of the dangers of coal mining?


  1. Who was Robert Slater?

  1. Who created the world’s first all-in-one mill? Where was it located?

  1. Name two European countries and one Asian county that industrialize soon after England.

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