Chapter 20 Outline Party Politics in an Era of Social and Economic Upheaval, 1877-1884

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Chapter 20 Outline
Party Politics in an Era of Social and Economic Upheaval, 1877-1884

  1. List what happened between 1877-1884

    1. How did this impact voter turnout?

  2. What two issues preoccupied lawmakers

Contested Political Visions

  1. Describe the Republican and Democratic ideologies after the Civil War

  2. Define laissez-faire. How does this impact the federal government?

Patterns of Party Strength

  1. Where did the democrats rule and what did they support

  2. Where were the Republicans located and what did they support?

  3. Explain what “waved the bloody shirt” meant. Who did it and why?

The Hayes White House: Virtue Restored

  1. Explain how Hayes was different than Grant. How did he help “restore” the white house? Why did he need to?

Regulating the Money Supply

  1. What was the issue the government faced in creating a new money supply?

  2. Who supported favoring the money supply and why?

  3. Define/summarize the Greenback party

  4. Sherman Silver Purchase Act-

Spoils System

  1. What did Carl Schurz and E. L. Godkin want and why?

Civil-Service Reform Succeeds

  1. Why was Garfield chosen to run for president and who was his running mate and why?

  2. What happened to Garfield?

  3. Pendleton Civil Service Act-

1884: Cleveland Victorious

  1. Summarize why he was chosen and how he was able to win the election.

Tariffs and Pensions

  1. How did Cleveland represent the passive image of Gilded Age Presidents

  2. Why did he want to lower the tariff?

1888: Big Business and the GAR Strike Back

  1. Who was Harrison and why was he chosen to run for president

    1. What happened during the election

  2. McKinley Tariff-

The Grange Movement

  1. Why was the Grange formed?

    1. What did the Grange offer?

    2. What did the Grange do for farm families?

    3. What was their primary concern?

  2. How did the Grangers view themselves?

  3. Why did they dislike the railroads?

  4. Munn v. Illinois-

  5. Wabash v. Illinois-

  6. Interstate Commerce Act 1887-

  7. Were the farmers in the Grange justified in their beliefs?

The Alliance Movement

  1. Where was the Grange located? Where was the Farmers’ Alliance located?

  2. Where and why did the Farmers’ Alliance begin?

  3. What did the Alliance advocate for?

  4. What was their overall goal in the 1890 elections?

  5. What did the alliance leaders do in 1892?

  6. What was the Populist platform?

African-Americans After Reconstruction

  1. How did the Southern Democrats “redeeming” the south affect the African Americans?

  2. How were southerners able to get around the 15th amendment? Give specific examples.

  3. Convict-lease system-

  4. Plessey v. Ferguson-

    1. Background of the case-

    2. Outcome of the case-

    3. Effects of the case-

    4. When was this overturned? With what case?

  5. Booker T. Washington- What did he create and what did he advocate?

  6. Where did many African Americans migrate to between 1870-1890?

The Panic of 1893: Capitalism in Crisis

  1. Four reasons for the weakened confidence in the gold standard:

  2. What triggered the crisis?

The Depression of 1893-1897

  1. How did the railroad crisis affect unemployment?

  2. Jacob Coxey-

Business Leaders Hunker Down

  1. Wilson-Gorman Tariff-

1894: Protest Grows Louder

  1. What economic issue split Americans in the mid-1890s.

  2. What was each side’s point?

1896: Republicans Triumphant

  1. Why did McKinley win?

  2. Dingley Tariff-

  3. Currency Act of 1900-

  4. How did Bryan’s defeat affect the Populist and Democrats?

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12378 -> The John Marshall Supreme Court: Landmark Cases and Role of the Federal Government Directions
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12378 -> The John Marshall Supreme Court: Landmark Cases and Role of the Federal Government Directions
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