Chapter 20 Girding for War: The North and the South I. The Menace of Secession

X. Volunteers and Draftees: North and South

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X. Volunteers and Draftees: North and South

  1. At first, there were numerous volunteers, but after the initial
    enthusiasm slacked off, Congress passed its first conscription law ever
    (the draft), one that angered the poor because rich men could hire a
    substitute instead of entering the war just by paying $300 to Congress.

    • As a result, many riots broke out, such as one in New York City.

  2. Volunteers manned more than 90% of the Union army, and as
    volunteers became scarce, money was offered to them in return for
    service; still, there were many deserters.

  3. The South had to resort to a draft nearly a year before the North,
    and it also had its privileges for the rich—those who owned or
    oversaw 20 slaves or more were exempt from the draft.

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