Chapter 18 American History Test Review

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Chapter 18 American History Test Review

1. Why might some people think of Theodore Roosevelt as a reform President?

2. Why did the United States want to construct the Panama Canal?
3. Why do you think the United States entered World War I?
4. How did World War I lead to the right to vote for U.S. women?
5. How did the airplane and the automobile change the lives of many Americans in the early 1900s?
6. What did Dust Bowl farmers hope to accomplish by moving west? Were they successful? Explain.
7. What series of events led the Soviet Union to join the side of the Allies during World War II?
8. How were Japanese Americans treated during World War II? Why did some Americans feel this was necessary? Were their fears justified?
9. Describe what muckrakers were.
10. What reforms were led by President Theodore Roosevelt?
11. What was the major reason for building the Panama Canal?
12. What country did the United States back for independence in order to build the Panama Canal?
13. Describe the causes for World War I?
14. How did technology affect World War I?
15. Describe the role of the United States in World War I.
16. What argument did women use to win the right to vote?
17. What were the main reasons why millions of African Americans moved to the North during the Great Migration?
18. What were some of the effects of the Model T on American life?
19. Describe what the Harlem Renaissance was.
20. What was life like for Americans during the Great Depression?
21. What were the main purposes of the New Deal?
22. How did dictators start World War II?
23. What action drew the United States into World War II?
24. What strategy did the Allies use to defeat the Germans in World War II?
25. Compared to the other wars we have studied, how would you describe World War II?

Chapter 18 American History Test Review

Answer Section

  1. See p. 603 in your textbook or section I-C. of your notes for answers.

2. See p. 604 or section I-D of your notes

3. See p. 610 or section II-C of your notes
4. See p. 612 or section II-E of your notes
5. See p. 616 or section III-A of your notes
6. See p. 621 or section III-E of your notes
7. See p. 626 or section IV-D of your notes
8. See p. 627 or section IV-G of your notes
9. Muckrakers were writers and journalists who were reformers
10. Some of his reforms included the breakup of large companies, cleanliness in food processing, and truthful product advertising
11. It allowed fast travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
12. Panama
13. European nations competed for land, trade, and military power.
14. It provided more powerful and deadly weapons.
15. The U.S. joined the Allies against Central Powers
16. Women could do a man’s job and deserved the right to vote.
17. high-paying factory jobs
18. People took more trips for vacation. People could live farther from work, and farmers were less isolated.
19. period of cultural growth during the 1920s
20. People lost their homes and lived in shacks. Many lost their jobs, which brought about high unemployment, and some lost money in the stock market crash.
21. It was meant to help the nation recover from the Great Depression
22. They tried to take over other countries.
23. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
24. They squeezed Germany from two directions.
25. It was the most widespread war in human history. It had the most advanced weapons, and was the bloodiest war in human history.

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