Chapter 18 • Revolutions of Industrialization

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An Age of Revolutions. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1996. 23 minutes. Examines the impact of the French and Industrial revolutions on European society.

The Age of Revolutions: 1776–1848. Insight Media, 1985. 26 minutes. Surveys the Atlantic revolutions in America, Latin America, and France before examining the influence of Marx in this wider context.

The Industrial Revolution. Five-part series. Films for the Humanities and Sciences. 19–20 minutes each. A series of short programs, each focused on one of the following themes: “Working Lives”; “Evolving Transportation Systems”; “The Railway Age”; “Harnessing Steam”; “The Growth of Towns and Cities.”

Karl Marx. Insight Media, 2006. 22 minutes. Examines the life and ideas of Karl Marx in the context of the Industrial Revolution.

Organizing America: The History of Trade Unions. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1994. 38 minutes. Traces the history of American trade unions from the formation of “friendly societies” in the eighteenth century to the 1990s.

Working Lives. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1992. 20 minutes. Examines the changes to working lives caused by the Industrial Revolution.

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